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Getting Started

Everyone will participate in The Sandbox Game in their own way. Use this simple guide to begin YOUR journey in the metaverse!

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Our signup process on The Sandbox website is easy so you can start playing fast.
Optional (see Your Account Setup below for details):
Two options to play metaverse Experiences:
  • Click Play to download
  • Run the install file
  • Log in to start playing!
Step-by-step instructions:
MORE INFORMATION Jump below to learn about all of The Sandbox Software and how to get started.

New User Resources

We also recommend bookmarking and revisiting our Beginner Resources page to gradually learn more about The Sandbox:

Your Account Setup

Your account setup may be different depending on what you want to do in The Sandbox.
Play and Create voxel art and Experiences with our free no-code software Connect a Wallet Anytime
Some wallet types are more suited for different purposes and experience levels
WALLET CONNECTED You're ready to Own, Earn, and access exclusive content
Verify to Earn SAND & Rewards KYC fraud prevention helps us reward legitimate players, creators, and owners
Your account login credentials are used to access your account on The Sandbox website and all of our software.
If you connect a wallet to your account, you can also sign in to The Sandbox website using your wallet.
SOME RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY WITH WALLETS Some countries may restrict what you can do with a cryptocurrency wallet.

The Sandbox Software

All Sandbox software is free to use, but there are costs for monetizing content.

What would you like to do?

More Details:

Metaverse Game Client
Game Maker

Play & Earn

Game Client

Where Game Maker Experiences are launched and monetised with virtual LAND
  • Play & Earn SAND
  • Collect rewards
  • Participate in contests
  • Connect with the community

Experience the metaverse

Visit unique Experiences from the community, studios, and your favorite IPs and brands
Connect with the community in social Experiences or explore solo Experiences

Earn & Own


Where players, creators, and LAND owners buy, sell, and trade Sandbox tokens
  • Purchase and sell entities (assets), equipment, avatars, and virtual LAND
  • Find what you need to enhance your play experience and your projects
  • Find collections from the community, premium IPs, & brands

Create and Collect with User Generated Content (UGC)

Find inspiration
Discover creators to follow
Tell stories with assets from favorite IPs
Collect assets from favorite brands

Create & Earn

Where terrain blocks, game assets, and player equipment are created
  • Create content for your Experiences or sell it in the Marketplace
  • Rig & animate entities
  • Save time with animated templates

Customize worlds

Craft a distinctive style
Worldbuild across Experiences
Tell stories with character
Create unique utility

Play, Create & Earn

Game Maker

Where assets, blocks, and logic come together so Experiences can be built, tested, and shared for free with the community or published to virtual LAND
  • Create Experiences with no code
  • Learn from or repurpose templates
  • Share and play Experiences in the free Drafts Gallery
  • Use the Experience Hub on the dashboard to create an Experience Page and link your Experience to virtual LAND so it's ready for launch later in 2023

Shape worlds and their purpose

Guide, entertain, and engage players
Design linear or branching gameplay
Customize mechanics to suit the purpose of your Experience

Earn: Become a LAND Owner

To monetize Experiences created in Game Maker, you must own Sandbox virtual LAND.
Learn more about the benefits of owning LAND:

Join Our Community

Explore our guide to using Discord to connect with our community, receive notifications, and more.
Visit Social Networks, News & Blogs for ways to connect across social media, watch our livestreams, follow community creations, and receive notifications for news and updates.