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Seasons and Events

Information about events at The Sandbox.

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The Sandbox Alpha Seasons

Player Leveling & Rewards Systems
Past Seasons

What are The Sandbox Alpha Seasons?

Alpha Seasons are not the official full release of The Sandbox game. They are Alpha testing events whereby The Sandbox collects community feedback to determine what changes or new features to add to The Sandbox metaverse.
Occasionally, The Sandbox launches Alpha Seasons, which are limited time multi-week events in the metaverse where players can visit new Experiences over time and have an opportunity to participate in Play & Earn.
Each Alpha Season has been different as The Sandbox has introduced more features.

Alpha Season 3 Information (Closed)

The Sandbox is constantly iterating as it applies feedback from the community, so these leveling and reward systems may change at any time in future Seasons.

Seasonal Leveling

During limited periods, players complete quests across many Experiences to earn Ethos Points (EP) and level up.
Quest data and EP are tracked for a leaderboard with additional prizes.


Players claim rewards earned during a season if they own an Alpha Pass. They are raffled by The Sandbox, distributed by Partners, and available for purchase on secondary marketplace.
Players see progression, raffle results, and claim rewards via The Sandbox Dashboard.
Leveling from Alpha Season 3, which helps players earn raffle tickets towards winning an Alpha Pass.

Past Alpha Seasons

For detailed documentation about past Alpha Seasons, visit:

Accessing Active Alpha Seasons

Each Alpha Season might have different access requirements. For example, there might be some gating involved, through the means of Alpha Season Passes. A Medium article is released to announce when a Season will begin and end, with all of the necessary details.
The Sandbox website directs players to download the Game Client software and provides information about what Experiences are available to play while the Alpha Season is still open.

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The Sandbox Events

Events Pages

What are The Sandbox Events?

The Sandbox also launches limited-time Events in the metaverse with specific rewards. These are sometimes monthly Events by The Sandbox or Events and rewards offered by The Sandbox Game's Partners.

Accessing Active Events

Some Events may require ownership of certain NFTs, such as an Avatar from a Partner's collection, in order to play an Experience and earn rewards.
If there are any events currently running, you can access them by clicking the Events link on the left-hand menu of The Sandbox website.
On the Events page, you will see a list of the currently active events. You can then select an event to see more information about it, such as what the event is about, what potential rewards there are, and your progression towards completing that event.

Rewards for Playing and Holding

Some, but not necessarily all, Seasons and Events will offer a variety of rewards to players.
The Sandbox also offers special rewards to community members who continue participating in The Sandbox, whether they hold specific NFTs over time, earn specific Memorabilia Badges from prior events, or own LAND over time.
Here are a few examples of rewards that may be offered:
SAND Tokens
  • For completing the event requirements.
  • For completing event requirements while holding particular NFTs.
  • For completing social challenges.
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • For completing the event requirements.
  • For completing event requirements while holding particular NFTs.
  • For completing social challenges.
Mystery Boxes
  • For completing the event requirements.
  • For completing event requirements while holding particular NFTs.
Memorabilia Badges
  • For completing the event requirements.

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