Alpha Season 2

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 was the second public event in The Sandbox metaverse.

Alpha Season 2 has ended. This page remains live as a historical reference to past seasons at The Sandbox. Any information on this page may not be accurate to future Alpha Seasons.

What was The Sandbox Alpha Season 2?

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 was the second round of Alpha testing - an improved version of the first Alpha event using feedback from the community from Alpha Season 1.

Launch: 3rd March, 2022 at 3pm UTC

A total of 31 Experiences were gradually released. Some players won a raffle for an Alpha Pass and earned SAND and NFT rewards.

What Changed?

Alpha Season 1 was so much more popular than we anticipated that it sometimes caused the Alpha Game Client to experience long loading times when trying to sort new players into live play instances within the metaverse. On top of that, Alpha 1's popularity also caused our Discord community to become over capacity. We communicated with Discord to increase our community server's capacity so that we and other community members could connect more and provide live support if needed.

Our team members and Ambassadors participated in extensive testing. Improvements were made to the Play-and-Earn system and to the Alpha Client for a smoother user experience.

In Season 2, players could access all Experiences regardless of owning an Alpha Season 2 Pass, and more Alpha Passes were available for Play-and-Earn. A Mac compatible version of the Game Client was also developed, one of the most highly requested feedback from Season 1.


To access Alpha Season 2 and play all of its Experiences, you just needed an account at The Sandbox and to download the Alpha Client.

However, to earn SAND through Play-and-Earn, you needed to own a Season 2 Alpha Pass in the wallet connected to your account at The Sandbox.

In Alpha Season 2, you could earn up to 1,000 SAND for completing objectives in games if you owned an Alpha Season 2 Pass.

Alpha Season 2 Pass

An Alpha Pass is an NFT ticket used to grant players full access to The Sandbox Alpha. Different Alpha Passes have been created for other Alpha Seasons.

There are three ways to get hold of a Season Alpha Pass.

What rewards were earned in Alpha Season 2?

1) Raffle

You could earn raffle tickets completing quests in the Alpha, as well as by holding certain NFTs, such as LANDs and a Season 1 Alpha Pass. The more raffle tickets you had, the more chance you had of winning a Season 2 Alpha Pass.

The raffle was drawn at the end of Alpha Season 2, on the 31st March. Winners were notified by email and instructed where and how to claim their passes.

2) Contests

Season 2 Alpha passes could also be won by entering contests. These contests could be found on The Sandbox's official social media, official Discord community and on The Sandbox website itself.​

Contest winners were drawn once per week. Winners were sent an email explaining where and how to claim their passes.

3) Secondary Sales (OpenSea)

Some Alpha Pass owners sold their passes on OpenSea. The Sandbox advised users to check that the Alpha Pass was for Season 2 and legitimate. Legitimate passes on OpenSea:

  • Have a blue verification checkmark next to the collection name.

  • Have the collection name "The Sandbox Assets".

  • Are created by "TheSandboxGame".

  • Need to be on the Ethereum network (see the "details" tab on the listing page).

The Sandbox is not responsible for fake passes purchased on the secondary third-party market.

Important notice for those based in Japan: πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Players in Japan were ineligible to claim rewards from owning an Alpha Season 2 Pass due to local Play-and-Earn regulations β€” but could still join the fun and play 31 Experiences for free.

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