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Use VoxEdit to create assets such as blocks, characters, props, equipment, or Experience passes. Soon you will be able to sell them on The Sandbox Marketplace.

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What is VoxEdit?

Build models, right them together, and create multiple animations in VoxEdit

VoxEdit is a 3D modelling and animation program designed for creating terrain blocks and voxel-based assets, which can be minted as NFTs for use in The Sandbox Game.

VoxEdit is free to use, whether your project is personal, educational, or commercial. It consists of three creative modules and includes templates to speed up your creative workflow.

In one unique, intuitive software, you can build models, rig them together, and add multiple animations. VoxEdit creations are the interactive elements that make up an Experience created in Game Maker.

The recent VoxEdit update includes great quality of life improvements for your creative workflows.

Whether you're a beginner or you have skills using similar software, we have resources to get you started.

What Can I Make?

Along with making custom terrain blocks, there are so many possibilities for creating elements with VoxEdit. Create small or large entities, fun and useful equipment for players, art, structures, and more! View the examples below or browse The Sandbox Marketplace for more.

Wearable Equipment
Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
Large Decor
Small Decor

Download, Install & Login to VoxEdit

Download VoxEdit

Sandbox Website: VoxEdit
  1. ​Download from the VoxEdit page on The Sandbox website, found in the "Create" tab.

  2. Click the "Download Voxedit".

  3. Choose Windows, MacOS Silicon or MacOS Intel.

You must have a 64-bit system to use VoxEdit. It is also recommended to update your GPU drivers, especially if you have an AMD card.

Start Creating

Try this sequence of hands-on activities designed to help you learn Game Maker fast!



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Voxel Art Contests

Learn how to earn SAND for your creations in VoxEdit Contests.

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