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Discord Community

About The Sandbox's Discord community

About The Sandbox's Discord Community

The Sandbox has an official and extensive community on Discord, which is frequented by people from all walks of life and interests. It features dedicated channels and dedicated support teams for the various areas of The Sandbox.

What Do We Use Discord For?

The Sandbox provides the following features in its community:
News & Announcements
Official news and announcements are shared by The Sandbox into dedicated announcement channels within the community.
Dedicated Discussion Channels
We provide dedicated channels for many topics, including a place for game designers, VoxEdit artists, crypto enthusiasts, and so on.
Live Support
Live support is provided by our support team and trusted ambassadors in private support tickets.
Developer Updates
Updates from developers about upcoming maintenance and known issues and their resolution progress is shared in the community.
Security Updates
Updates about security and alerts about new scams are shared in the community, for your awareness and education.
Contests & Giveaways
Information about contests, such as season contests, Game Jams, VoxEdit contests, and so on, are shared in the community.
Sharing Your Content
The community can share their creations and in-progress works from the Game Maker and VoxEdit. Including teasers, trailers, etc.
Gated Discussion Channels
Dedicated gated discussion channels for holders of certain NFTs, such as LANDs and particular partner avatars.
Dedicated marketplace channels for buying and selling The Sandbox NFTs. As well as live LAND sale trackers.
For Hire Listings
Dedicated channels to list your studio or services to others. And for others to seek such services. Such as game designers.
Feedback and Suggestions
Dedicated semi-DAO channels where you can share feedback & ideas, as well as vote on other people's feedback & ideas.
Connect with The Sandbox
The community is also a great place to connect with official representatives of The Sandbox, such as some of our staff and our Ambassadors As well as some of our partners.
The Sandbox community is a safe inclusive space for everyone from all backgrounds and identities, where they can freely discuss The Sandbox and express themselves. The Sandbox's community team does not tolerate toxic behaviour towards our SandFam, such as bullying and discrimination.

Where is The Sandbox's Discord Community?

You can join The Sandbox's Discord community through this official link:
For help with joining the community, please see How to Join Discord and Claim Roles.
Identifying Genuine Community Staff & Ambassadors:
  • In The Sandbox's official Discord community, staff will have blue usernames. This is true for all staff, whether they are community managers, moderators, or support.
  • We also have some Ambassadors in The Sandbox's official Discord community. These are not staff members, but are trusted members of the community who can help you. Ambassadors will have orange usernames.
Community Staff & Ambassadors will never do any of the following:
  • Send you a direct message (DM) or friend request. Even if it's for support purposes.(We only provide support in private support tickets).
  • Send you information about sales, giveaways, contests, passes, NFTs, tests, and so on in DMs.
  • Ask you to send funds or NFTs.
  • Ask you for wallet seed phrases, wallet passwords, or account passwords.
  • Ask you to connect your wallet to anywhere that is not an official The Sandbox website (see Official The Sandbox Links).
  • Ask you to re-verify / reauthenticate your wallet or similar.