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The Foundation

The Sandbox offers a diverse range of incentives geared at kickstarting the user-generated metaverse.

The Sandbox has some funds, grants and programs to encourage skilled and knowledgeable community members to take part in the growth of the platform and provide some great content for others to enjoy, while earning rewards in the process.

Programs Supported by the SAND Foundation

The Game Maker Fund and Creators Fund both support the ecosystem by offering grants to incentivise high quality content and game production in The Sandbox. The Ambassador Program provides high quality support to the community.

Creator Fund (or Artist Fund)

A fund for asset creators with proven skills in asset design or voxel art. This program is currently not accepting applications to prepare for the opening of the Marketplace to all creators.

For more information, see The Creator Fund Official Website.

Creative Projects

Foundation Support

The Foundation has supported the community through the following activities:

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