Identifying Legitimate LANDs on OpenSea

A quick guide on how to identify legitimate LANDs on OpenSea. And how to report the dodgy ones.

Just like most other places in the online world, there are a fair share of shady and malicious individuals trying to mislead good, genuine people via secondary NFT markets. Below, we will share some advice to make sure the LAND you are viewing on OpenSea is genuine.

The search results page

On the search results page, make sure that:

  • There is a blue verified checkmark next to the collection name.

  • The name of the collection is written correctly. For example, we are not called β€œSandbox”, we are called "The Sandbox."

  • The co-ordinates are written in the correct format and aren’t nonsensical. Check these coordinates on The Sandbox Map.

  • There is a snowflake icon indicating that the metadata is frozen, and therefore the LAND is stored on a decentralised server.

On the LAND’s listing page

On the page of the LAND which gives further details about it:

  • Make sure there is a blue verified checkmark at the top of the page. And that the collection name, The Sandbox, is written correctly.

  • Check the Data tab on the left of the page, the information should match that which is below, depending on which chain the LAND is on currently:

ChainContract AddressToken Type

Ethereum (ETH)


Polygon (MATIC)


Reporting fraudulent LANDs on OpenSea

If you believe you have found a fake LAND being sold on OpenSea, or have been caught out and fallen for a fraudulent sale, please contact OpenSea as soon as possible. Click here to learn how to make reports to OpenSea.

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