Inventory, Equipment & Stats

Equipment can transform the look of the player and modify their stats. It can be owned by the player and used across many Experiences or provided by an Experience creator for temporary use.

Own Your Look, Change Your Strengths

Equipment can completely transform the appearance of your Avatar and can modify gameplay.

Players can change Avatars between Experiences only using the Avatar page on the dashboard. Equipment can be changed anytime during an Experience.

There are six slots for Equipment to be worn on your Avatar:

Left Hand - Shields

Right Hand - Weapons





Equipment Effects on Player Stats

Creators of Equipment asset set an item's Rarity & Attribute Points. The more rare it is, the greater its Attribute values may be.

Equipment can be applied in Single and Multiplayer Experiences. It is only visible for medium human avatars due to fit, but stats are still applied.

Purchase Equipment

You can purchase Equipment in the Marketplace to customise your Avatar's appearance and impact gameplay through your player stats.

Access Your Inventory

Press the I key to open your player inventory. On the left, you will find Weapon, Equipment, and Quest categories. Select a category and filter between All, Wallet, or Local items using the dropdown menu.

Double click on a piece of equipment to put it on or remove it. You can also drag and drop equipment onto the correct equipment slot or drag it off.

Owned and Temporary Asset Use

Equipment in your Inventory comes from two sources:

WALLET Used across Most Experiences Players can equip NFTs they own in their connected cryptocurrency wallet.

LOCAL Used in the Current Experience Only Players can equip items collected in an Experience.

WALLET OWNERSHIP You own Equipment in your wallet and will be able to use it in most Experiences.

Some Experiences may not allow you to use Equipment in your wallet. This allows creators to develop more immersive stories and level up players in their games.


The Experience creator is the owner of objects collected during play, which are temporarily added to your Inventory. When an Experience ends due to victory, defeat, restart, or exit, the items are removed from your Inventory's Local list.

Some creators may set up game logic so you can open an object's NFT information on the Marketplace and buy it for use in other Experiences.

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