❓FAQs: Staking

Our community's most commonly asked staking questions - Answered!

Staking Pools

Will I be rewarded for staking my SAND into liquidity pools?

Yes. You will earn a share of the SAND from the pool. Your total rewards depend on how much you have staked. Staking a low amount of SAND will mean you will only get back low rewards.

Your rewards will also be multiplied depending on how many LANDs you have in the same wallet that you are staking from.

Where do the funds from staking come from?

Profits and fees from sales within The Sandbox marketplace on things like LANDs and ASSETs are split between the foundation fund (to fund and incentivise great creators in the Metaverse) and the staking fund (to fund the staking program). In other words, SAND that is put into The Sandbox goes back out to the community

What are the LAND multipliers?

The more LAND you own, the greater your yield from staking will be. See our Staking page for more information.

Is it possible to lose money from staking?

Liquidity provisions may be subject to impermanent loss. This means that if the price of one token outperforms the other, the underlying liquidity position will rebalance, resulting in fewer tokens of the asset which increased in value, and more tokens of the other side of the pair.

⚠️ Only invest what you can afford to lose. This statement is true for all investments in life, not just in liquidity pools.

If this is your first time staking or if you are not sure what impermanent loss is, it would be smart to refrain from staking until you have done some further research (DYOR).

Why am I am not receiving any SAND from staking?

It is possible that you did not set up your stake correctly. See the tutorial pages for more help:

If it is near or just past the end of a month, see the next question below.

Why has my SAND stopped accumulating?

At around the end of the month, this is perfectly normal - please don't worry.

A liquidity of SAND is added to the staking pool each month. Once all of that SAND has been distributed in rewards then there is no more to give until the next month of staking begins.

ℹ️ The pool will also need to be paused shortly at the end of the month, so that a snapshot can be taken of those who are eligible for any additional rewards.

You do not need to withdraw your stake. The staking pool will resume again shortly.

Staking Rewards

How can I be eligible to earn NFTs from staking?

To earn monthly NFTs for staking, you will simply need to have staked SAND into the relevant pool during that month. If you remove your stake at any time in the month then you will become ineligible for the NFT reward.

The NFT will be claimable in the next month. For example, if you staked in January, your NFT reward will become available to claim in February.

The NFT for the month I staked in is not on the NFT claiming page.

In general, the staking NFT reward will be one month later. Meaning if you staked for the month of June, the reward will be available to claim in July.

Sometimes it takes longer for some NFTs to appear claimable - don't worry, they will be there. The NFT could be going through an internal approval process, or the webpage may need to be updated.

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