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Play & Create Tokens

Learn more about tokens used for playing and creating.


ERC-721 tokens
ERC-1155 tokens
ERC-20 tokens
Files stored in the cloud by The Sandbox


About Avatars
About ERC-721 Tokens
Avatars are a set of voxel assets that are playable in game which:
  • Respect a template for compatibility with equipment that players can apply to their avatrs in order to change appearance and stats
  • Respect hundreds of gaming animations and have 3D attributes to interact in Experiences (run, crawl, swim, etc.)
  • Can trigger emotes and dances for socializing and for collaborative objectives
There are two types of Avatars you can own, which are seamlessly available for purchase on The Marketplace and via your Avatar page:
The Sandbox Official Avatars
ERC-721 NFTs available in standard sizes in The Sandbox
External Collections
Bridged to existing NFTs from external collections, automatically available in The Sandbox if an external NFT in a participating collection is in your wallet
Key Attributes of the ERC-721 token standard includes:
  • uniqueness and distinct identity
  • indivisibility, emphasising their unique nature
  • verifiable ownership history and secure transfer
  • interoperability across platforms and applications
  • metadata to enhance its context and value


Entities & Equipment

Your Inventory
About ERC-1155 Tokens
Assets include entities that populate Experiences with 3D interactive content and equipment that players can apply to their avatars with potential to modify their player stats and appearance. Entities and Equipment are created in VoxEdit, along with the terrain blocks that shape an Experience.
Assets can be minted as ERC-1155 tokens so they can be bought, sold, traded, and used in the metaverse by their owners. Public tools are in development, so access to mint and sell assets is currently limited to Creator Fund artists, Partners, etc.
However, some assets are not NFTs. There is no need to mint an asset if you create it and use it in an Experience of your own.
Owning an asset can empower you in a number of ways depending on what it is and how it was designed and minted:
Experience creators accelerate their creative timeline with entities and equipment made by other creators
Collectors showcase their 2D and 3D assets in galleries
Players gain access to exclusive metaverse Experiences with tokens designed as entry passes
Players modify their Avatar's look and stats with equipment they can use across many metaverse Experiences

Dashboard: Your Inventory

Log in to your account and view your Inventory to see the assets in your inventory, including what you have purchased, earned, won, and created.
Key Attributes of ERC-1155 token standard includes:
  • multi-token management with a single contract to simplify contract interactions, reduce deployment costs, and reduce blockchain bloat and associated costs
  • supporting both fungible and non-fungible tokens for versatility with applications
  • batch transfers of multiple tokens in a single transaction to streamline operations and reduce gas costs
  • atomic swaps to enhance security and reduce risks associated with multi-step transactions



ATTRIBUTES UPDATE COMING SOON The Attributes system, influenced by Catalysts & Gems, will be updated very soon, along with this documentation.
Marketplace tools are in development, so NFTs needed to mint assets onto the blockchain are currently not available. Marketplace content is sourced from a small group of whitelisted users, including Creator Fund artists, Partners, etc.
Catalysts increase the rarity of an asset, which increases the asset's value as an NFT. The more rare the catalyst, the more slots there are available to create Attributes.


Gems fill slots in a Catalyst to set the Attributes of an asset. When Gems are infused in Equipment assets, the player's attack power or defense may increase. When Gems are applied to Entities used for non-player characters (NPCs), buildings, environmental, etc, the affected Attribute allows for greater tolerances in logic to vary gameplay.
A platform with a speed Attribute may be set to move at a faster speed.

Do I Need to Mint My Assets to Launch My Own Experience?

You do not need to mint assets you have created as NFTs in order to use them in your own Experiences. Simply upload an asset to your Workspace, set the rarity by choosing a Catalyst, and create the Attributes needed for your gameplay. Upload a few versions of your asset with different Attributes and test in Game Maker if needed.

Experiences, or Games

While an Experience is not technically an NFT, it is owned by its creator and can be transferred to others, including its assets, from your account inventory.
Though there is currently no built in method to monetise transferring an Experience to another user for payment in SAND, you can make a private arrangement with another party.
It is highly recommended to review our security documentation about private exchanges: