🟦Premium LAND

Learn the benefits of Premium LAND in The Sandbox metaverse.

What are Premium LANDs?

Premium LANDs are sold in a 1x1 size. There are no Premium Estates in presales and public sales, but adjacent Premium LANDs can be combined into an Estate.

Greater Benefits Over Regular LANDs

More Player Visits with Less Marketing

  • Premium LANDs surround major partners and social hubs, meaning players will more easily discover them, creating higher traffic.

More Potential Monetisation Income

  • More traffic means more potential income through pay-to-play Experiences or renting Premium LAND to other developers.

More Players See Advertising in an Experience

  • Use billboards and streaming video to draw players to an online store or to your other Experiences. Rent these spaces to others, too.

Exclusive Perks for Premium LANDs

  • At initial sale, Premium LANDs come with exclusive, limited-time Assets, which become highly desirable by collectors and game designers.

  • Premium LANDs may earn highly coveted Catalysts via staking, which can be used to create more valuable Assets. In the future, these may be sold to creators on the Marketplace.

SECOND-HAND PURCHASES Buying a Premium LAND second-hand, such as on OpenSea, will not include the exclusive Premium Assets given at initial purchase unless the seller includes them in a bundle with the LAND's sale conditions. Read the offer carefully.

Premium LAND bought second-hand is eligible for staking benefits.

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