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The Sandbox Marketplace


What can you buy on The Sandbox's Marketplace?

You can buy 3D Voxel ASSETs from the marketplace. Such as entities, decorations, buildings, blocks, equipment, and so on.

You can also buy avatars from many popular collections, including Sandbox Originals and external collections.

You can buy virtual LANDs from the marketplace, and you can find LAND to purchase on the metaverse Map.

You will also, in the future, be able to purchase other NFTs such as GEMs via the Marketplace, as well as having the opportunity to rent your LAND out to developers.

How much are NFTs on The Sandbox marketplace?

Official Sales:

  • Official LAND Sales:

    • Regular LANDs are sold for 1,011 SAND.

    • Premium LANDs are sold for 4,683 SAND.

  • Official Avatar Sales:

    • Avatars are sold for 100 SAND.

  • Official ASSET / Equipment Sales

    • The pricing varies depending on factors such as uniqueness, GEMs, and so forth.

Unofficial / Community / Creator Sales:

  • The prices of ant LANDs, Avatars, Assets, and so on that are sold by the community or creators are set by the seller themselves. As such, prices vary.

What currency does The Sandbox Marketplace accept?
  • The currency of The Sandbox's ecosystem is SAND. Therefore, you will need SAND to perform any transactions on The Sandbox's marketplace.

  • You may also need either ETH or MATIC for gas fees (aka, processing fees), depending on the chain that the NFT is sold on. These fees are charged by the blockchain itself, not by The Sandbox, and may vary depending on blockchain congestion.

Do I need a Sandbox account to buy NFTs from The Sandbox's marketplace?

Yes. You will need to have registered an account on The Sandbox and connected your cryptocurrency wallet to that account in order to sell NFTs or make purchases from the marketplace. Click here to see our guide for help with registering an account.


What will I be able to sell on The Sandbox's marketplace?

You will be able to sell Assets and LAND, and you will be able to rent LAND on the marketplace.

Who can mint NFTs onto the marketplace to sell?
  • Anybody who has a verified account at The Sandbox will be able to mint NFTs onto the marketplace in order to sell.

  • These features are still in development. However, some partners may have early access to these features.

Are there any fees for selling on The Sandbox's Marketplace?
  • There is a 5% fee applied to all interactions with The Sandbox's marketplace, which is applied automatically.

    • For example, if a seller uploads an NFT to the marketplace and sets a price of 500 SAND, then it will be listed as 525 SAND.

  • No SAND is deducted from the sellers themselves. The fee is simply added on top of the seller's listing price.

Where does the revenue made from the marketplace go?
  • The creator or seller of the NFT will get all of the revenue from the sale of their NFT on the marketplace.

  • The 5% that is added on top of the seller's listing price will go towards funding and incentivising other great creators, artists and designers through the Creator Fund and the Game Maker Fund.

Do I need a Sandbox account to sell NFTs on The Sandbox's marketplace?

Renting LAND

Can I rent LAND from The Sandbox's Marketplace?
  • This is an upcoming feature that will be possible in the future, yes.

  • LAND Owners will be able to offer their LANDs for rent by other creators.

    • Creators will be able to rent LAND from LAND Owners to publish their experiences onto.

When will the renting features be available at The Sandbox?
  • We do not have a specific date set for the release of this feature.

  • Renting LAND features are unlikely to be released until after the experience publishing features at The Sandbox have been fully developed and released.

    • This is because the main purpose of renting LAND to others is to allow them to publish experiences onto.

Other Marketplace Questions

When was The Sandbox's Marketplace launched?

The launch date of The Sandbox's marketplace, in beta, was the 30th March 2021.

What does the "Test in Game Maker" button under the asset's "Buy Now" button do?

This button allows you to add assets to your Game Maker Library in order to try them out before you decide if you wish to purchase them.

You will not be able to publish an Experience, such as a game, on your LAND unless you have purchased all of the assets you have used in it. Our Experience Publishing tools check the assets you've built with and generate a list of ones you need to purchase to publish your Experience.

Secondary Marketplaces

Can I buy The Sandbox NFTs from secondary marketplaces?
  • Yes, you can also purchase NFTs sold on The Sandbox Marketplace from secondary markets and NFT exchanges, such as OpenSea and Rarible.

  • The Sandbox recommends OpenSea. They are a partner of The Sandbox and offer the safest secondary marketplace. They also have features to protect stolen NFTs from being used to profit from.

  • NFTs on the secondary marketplace may also be available in currencies other than SAND. Such as ETH/WETH and MATIC.


My wallet says it is unable to process the transaction

This is usually an indication that you do not have enough funds in the wallet. Make sure you have enough ETH for the gas fees, for example.

My wallet says that it is locked

Unlock your wallet by logging into it via the wallet's official website or browser extension. Then refresh the NFT page and try again.

The transaction failed

The number one reason for failed transactions on the blockchain is not putting in enough ETH to cover the transaction (gas) fee.

I forgot what wallet I registered with / which wallet my $SAND is in
The NFT is not in my inventory after buying it

Please wait. It can take time for transactions on the blockchain to complete, especially during periods of heavy congestion. You can track the progress of the transaction by going to Etherscan.io (this is a third-party website) and pasting your wallet address into the search box.

I Need More Help

Visit Help & Contact for further assistance.

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