My Wallet Was Compromised

The Sandbox offers some advice and guidance to those with compromised cryptocurrency wallets.

My Wallet Was Compromised

The Sandbox is deeply sorry that something you did not authorise has occurred. We understand this is an extremely upsetting and stressful situation. Because The Sandbox highly values every member of their community and metaverse, we want to help guide you through it as much as we can as a third-party.

How Did My Wallet Get Compromised?

Here are some of the common reasons why a cryptocurrency wallet can become compromised.

  • The wallet's seed phrase - also sometimes key phrase, passkey, security key, or recovery phrase - was exposed to a bad individual by the wallet owner.

    • For example, you might have shared this seed phrase with someone posing as a member of a support team for any project or exchange on the blockchain. The Sandbox's genuine staff will never send you a DM and will never ask you for this information.

  • The wallet's seed phrase was exposed to a bad individual because you connected your wallet to an unofficial third-party DAPP or website, which stole this information.

    • The Sandbox will never advise you to connect your wallet to anywhere that is not

  • You interacted with a fake/scam coin that was deposited into your wallet, instead of hiding it via your Etherscan/Polygonscan, etc account settings.

  • You have a spyware viral infection on your computer. Usually the result of visiting shady websites (ie, piracy websites), downloading compromised files (ie, cracked games), or clicking links/attachments in shady emails/DMs. Or your computer or browser is being "managed" by a "company" which has hijacked it.

  • You downloaded an unofficial, fake wallet app or extension that was not from the wallet's official website.

  • Your hardware wallet, if you have one, was compromised before or during its transit to you.

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Moving Forward

Again, The Sandbox is just as devastated as you are that your wallet was compromised. You are very important and highly valued to us, so this news breaks our hearts.

Please make sure you have followed all of the advice on this page, as well as all the Security Topics education we provide here in our knowledgebase and the informational channels in our Discord server.

We strongly advise you to invest in a hardware wallet to improve your crypto security even further.

Please get in touch with us and The Sandbox metaverse through our Discord community if you need someone to talk to.

The Sandbox wishes you and your wallet provider all the best in investigating what happened, and we sincerely hope that any unsold NFTs that were stolen from you can be recovered by the NFT exchange. We hope that, if anything, this unpleasant situation is an educational experience that can empower you to learn more about Web3 technology and how to safeguard your digital content in the future.

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