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Player Guide

Ready player one? Learn more about playing games in The Sandbox's metaverse.

What Can I Play?

There are so many things to do in The Sandbox in both single and multi-player Experiences, and there are different ways to access playable content.
Metaverse Map Play in the open metaverse now
Seasons & Events Play in Events or Seasons now
Game Client: Download & Login if you need step-by-step instructions.

Interested in Creating Experiences?

Visit Create Experiences in the Creator Portal to get started. Explore explore the Game Maker Gallery of Experiences that are free to share and play, including amazing submissions from Game Jams.

Common Questions About Playing

Does it cost anything to play games?
This is the game designer's choice:
  • Many free-to-play (F2P) games
  • Some games may require owning a specific NFT, such as a pass
  • Some games may require owning an NFT from a specific collection, such as an avatar
  • Some Experiences may require a small SAND fee when LANDs can be monetised in the future
Can I earn SAND while playing?
The Sandbox is designed to support a circular economy where players:
  • May earn SAND and NFT rewards through Play&Earn mechanics
  • May use SAND to buy avatars and equipment to enhance gameplay and support creators
  • May use SAND to buy required NFTs to enter gated Experiences
  • May use SAND to gain access to games that require a small fee
Can I destroy terrain blocks or interactive objects during a game?
Our software empowers game designers to customise gameplay:
  • The designer can configure any blocks or objects to be destroyed, created, and heal or damage players or other objects
  • Every game is a unique experience with its own set of gameplay mechanics

Player Resources

How to explore the metaverse Map and find playable content
How to participate in Game Jams, playable in the Game Maker Gallery
Express yourself! Buy unique avatars or create a free one
Learn about gameplay Play controls in The Sandbox are easy to learn, with huge gameplay possibilities!
Ready to level up your game? Learn how powerful Equipment is and how to get it.
Solo Action/Adventure
Multiplayer Social Hubs
2D and 3D NFT Gallery

Manage Your Experience at The Sandbox

Discord: Help & Community

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