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What is The Sandbox?

Get to know The Sandbox with examples of content already announced or launched in the metaverse and learn the basics of our ecosystem.

The Sandbox Game's Evolution

How The Sandbox Became a Blockchain-Based Creative Platform

Pixowl launched The Sandbox Game in 2012 as a 2D pixel art game built to empower creators to share their content, which evolved over time with over 40 million downloads. By mid 2018, the Pixowl team announced its acquisition by Animoca Brands to launch a 3D version of The Sandbox, with a goal to become the new standard in world building games to empower global artists, storytellers, and game designers of all skill levels to create, publish, own, and monetise a myriad of unique content through the power of blockchain technology.
"You can’t have digital freedom unless you have digital property rights. The foundation of this is ownership.”
Yat Siu
Co-founder, Animoca Brands
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A Social Experience Platform

A Decentralized Universe of 166,464 virtual LANDs on the Blockchain created for and with the Community where your NFTs come to life in unique Experiences.
Enjoy Play & Earn metaverse Experiences offered by our community and hundreds of famous IPs and brands, or build your own content with our free no-code tools to launch and monetize in their neighborhoods.

Driven by Creators, Players, and LAND Owners

Connected and Rewarded through the Circular Economy and Play & Earn
Own a Parcel of the Universe through:
The Sandbox's native currency and main utility and governance token
The Sandbox's virtual real estate
A 3D playable form that players can use to express their metaverse identities
Playable content, such as games, to share or publish
3D entities populating Experiences, passes to enter exclusive gated Experiences, and player equipment
Tokens used to increase the rarity of an asset, which increases its value and utility