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Find out more about The Sandbox's two popular types of creative contests: VoxEdit Contests and Game Jams!

We Value Our Creators!

Creators are the building stones of our metaverse. We want to motivate, engage, and have fun with the creative minds who use our platform, and one of the ways that we do that is with Creator Contests! As you may already be aware, we have two different creative softwares in The Sandbox: VoxEdit and Game Maker. VoxEdit allows you to create 3D voxel ASSETs and the Game Maker is where games and experiences are born! Thus we have two types of contests: One for our talented VoxEdit artists, and one for our innovative and bright builders in the Game Maker. New creator contests are launched regularly, so keep a sharp eye on Social Media and our Discord for announcements of any new VoxEdit Contests or Game Jams. We also recommend that you check out winners of previous contests to explore and get inspired by some of the best creators in our ecosystem. Creative Contests offer you a chance to win large amounts of SAND tokens, NFTs, LANDs, and creative opportunities to have your assets minted, being onboarded in the Game Maker Fund, or to be published on our LAND. The opportunities are many, and we hope to see you in the next VoxEdit Contest or Game Jam!

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We hope that you are excited to find out more about our creator contests! Are you an artist or a game creator... or perhaps a bit of both? Explore below!

Deadmau5 VoxEdit Contest Winners



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