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Create Experiences

Use The Sandbox Game Maker to create Experiences, such as Games, and publish to your virtual LAND.

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Game Maker 0.8 new features (January 6, 2023)

What is Game Maker?

Game Maker is a drag and drop game design program with plug and play logic designed for creating Experiences, or games, for The Sandbox Game.
Experiences can be:
  • Shared for free in the community Gallery, including Game Jam contest submissions. You can also make a free Experience Page even if you don't own LAND.
  • Launched for play in the metaverse Game Client and monetized if you own virtual LAND using Experience Publishing tools.
Experience monetisation is a developing feature.
Game Maker is free to use, whether your project is personal, educational, or commercial. It consists of a creative space to build Experiences, templates to learn logic or kickstart your creative projects faster, and a gallery to explore community creations, which includes competitive entries from Game Jams.
With this no-code software, you can use blocks and assets created in VoxEdit to populate your world, create quests to guide players, and create logic for custom interactive play that is as simple or as complex as you like.
Game Maker 0.8 has introduced logic options that are synced for all players, streaming for custom video and audio, and exciting new options for lighting, weather, and visual effects.
Whether you're a beginner or you have skills using similar software, we have resources to get you started.

What Can I Make?

There are so many creative possibilities with Game Maker. Create solo adventures, puzzle games, NFT galleries, social hubs, your virtual dream home, and more!
View the examples below, learn more about many use cases shared in What is The Sandbox: An Expression of Culture page, or visit the Events page on the Sandbox dashboard to play high quality metaverse Experiences in the Game Client.
Solo Action/Adventure
Multiplayer Social Hubs
2D and 3D NFT Gallery

Download, Install & Login to Game Maker

System Requirements

System Requirements:

Download Game Maker

Sandbox Website: Game Maker
  1. 1.
    Download from the Game Maker page on The Sandbox website, found in the "Create" tab.
  2. 2.
    Select "Download Game Maker".
  3. 3.
    Choose Windows or MacOS for the version of Game Maker you want to use.
Game Maker 0.7 is a more stable version of the software, but eventually will be replaced to include the new features being developed in Game Maker 0.8.
Once a v0.7 experience is saved in v0.8, it won't open in previous versions again. Behaviour may differ between v0.7 and v0.8. To check our changes, see the v0.8 changelog.

Install Game Maker

​🪟Windows Version

Open the installation file you downloaded and follow instructions to install the program.

​🍎Mac OS Version

Open the installation file you downloaded and follow instructions to install the program.

Login to Game Maker

You'll use the same username and secure password that you created on your Sandbox account as the login for VoxEdit, Game Maker, and the Game Client.

Start Creating

Try this sequence of hands-on activities designed to help you learn Game Maker fast!


Find comprehensive details on Game Maker
Boost performance with best practices
Add game polish with useful logic schemas
See recommendations by Experience type

Game Jams

Learn how to earn SAND for your creations in Game Jams.




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  • Ask for help (English) in the VoxEdit or Game Maker Community Discussions
  • File a ticket for a technical issue in the VoxEdit or Game Maker Support Channels
  • Find channels in other languages
  • How to join and claim roles
  • Basics to navigate Discord
  • Resources to stay safe on Discord and report issues