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Find links to all FAQs pages for answers to common questions about The Sandbox here.

The Sandbox team will NEVER request your passwords, security keys, security questions or security passphrases. This information should always be privately secured.

Providing your wallet address is safe, as it is a public record and does not allow anyone to make transactions. You may, however, prefer sharing your wallet address privately in some support cases where we may ask for it.

❓FAQs Page List

Need More Help?

If you have checked the FAQs, but still have more questions about The Sandbox, feel free to reach out to us via the following options (please choose only one).

Response times for support tickets and emails vary based on the current size of the support queues.

đŸŽĢ Web Support

Log in and open a support ticket at The Sandbox Support Portal.

✨ Creator Forum Support

The Sandbox Forum is a place for creators to find and share support and resources, get news, suggest features, etc.

📧 Email Support

Send an email to our Support team at [email protected].

⚡ Discord Discussion

Visit the Discord community chat to post your question for a response from knowledgeable community members.

🚁 Discord Private Support Ticket

If you've reviewed FAQs and still have a question, open a private support ticket on The Sandbox's Discord community, which will be addressed by The Sandbox's support team, trusted Ambassadors, and, where necessary, partners.

📧 Privacy Queries

For privacy and GDPR queries send an email to the privacy team at [email protected].

Note: We do not store any KYC documents at The Sandbox. KYC data removal requests must be sent directly to [email protected].

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👮 Reporting ToU violations or fraud

To report a potentially bad actor operating at The Sandbox, please send an email to our Security & Anti-Fraud team at [email protected]. To report bad actors in the Discord community, please alert moderators in the community.

đŸŽĢ Account and Data Deletion

To request an account or data deletion, submit an Account & Personal Data Permanent Removal Request via The Sandbox Support Portal.

Note: We do not store any KYC documents at The Sandbox. KYC data removal requests must be sent directly to [email protected]. Learn more

Other Contacts

🤝 Partnerships & Mutual Collaborations

Please review the partnerships page on The Sandbox's website, where you will find a contact form.

đŸ’Ŧ Community Matters

For matters relating to the community, such as community ban appeals, mutual collaboration queries, complaints about staff or Ambassadors, and so on, contact either of our Global Community Managers on Discord:

Or via email:

👮 Game & Account Ban Appeals

To submit a ban appeal for game bans, reward suspensions, leaderboard suspensions, and account bans, submit a ban appeal ticket via our support website. Not to be used for community ban appeals, see "Community Matters".

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