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Why is The Sandbox deploying on Polygon?

The Sandbox is deploying on Polygon so that our users can benefit from the lower gas fees, faster and greener transactions among

How to set up my wallet for Polygon?
Should I bridge my SAND?

You will need SAND for transactions on the Polygon network. For instance our upcoming LAND sales will be purchasable only with SAND and our two staking programs are on Polygon. As we advance on our roadmap, we will deploy more elements of our ecosystem on Polygon (Assets, Experiences…) until our migration is complete.

Should I bridge my LAND?

Bridging your LAND during our cashback program allowed you to benefit from a one time cashback of 10 SAND for each LAND bridged to the Polygon (smart contract β€Š0x9d305a42A3975Ee4c1C57555BeD5919889DCE63F). This program is discontinued.

You will also have the opportunity to use your bridged LANDs as multipliers in our staking programs. Also note that all upcoming new features for LAND will be developed and deployed on layer 2.

How can I bridge my tokens?
My tokens left Ethereum and are not on Polygon yet

There can be a few reasons why your tokens haven’t reached Polygon yet.

⚠️ Note that a transaction can take a few minutes to even a few hours depending on network congestion.

My tokens left Polygon and are not on Ethereum yet

Your tokens may be at the checkpoint. If so, you will need to sign a second transaction for the tokens to finish migrating to Polygon. Check the transaction history to see if you need to trigger a new transaction for the tokens to reach the Ethereum blockchain.

Refer to Pending Transactions & History for tracking details.

Is my LAND eligible for a cashback?

The cashback program is discontinued. You were able to migrate your LAND to Polygon and receive cashback only for the first time you initiated the bridge from Ethereum to Polygon.

How do I claim the cashback?

Head over to the bridge page: https://sandbox.game/en/me/bridge and scroll to the bottom.

  • Click on the Claim Cashback button

  • Sign the transaction on your wallet.

  • You can verify that the transaction is successful by clicking on Transaction History

  • Your cashback is successfully sent to your wallet on the Polygon network.

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