Alpha Season 1

The Sandbox Alpha Season 1 was the first public event in The Sandbox metaverse.

Alpha Season 1 has ended. This page remains live as a historical reference to past seasons at The Sandbox. Any information on this page may not be accurate to future Alpha Seasons.

What was The Sandbox Alpha Season 1?

The Sandbox Alpha Season 1 allowed players the opportunity to be the first to experience gameplay, social hubs and Play-and-Earn in The Sandbox metaverse.

Launch: 29th November, 2021 at 1pm UTC

One new experience was released every weekday until the Alpha Season closed on the 20th December, for a total of 18 experiences. Some players won a raffle for an Alpha Pass and earned SAND and NFT rewards.


Those without an Alpha Pass were able to access the Alpha Hub and visit three experiences. The social hub allowed them to connect with other community members. However, they were not be able to participate in Play-and-Earn events.

Those who had an Alpha Pass were able to access all areas of the Alpha, including all 18 experiences, and were able to participate in Play-and-Earn events.

Alpha Season 1 Pass

An Alpha Pass is an NFT ticket used to grant players full access to The Sandbox Alpha. Different Alpha Passes have been created for other Alpha Seasons.

There were many ways to get an Alpha Pass for full access to Alpha Season 1:

1) LAND Owner Alpha Raffle:

LAND Owners in The Sandbox were offered a chance to win one of 1,000 reserved Alpha Passes in a raffle. LAND needed to be in the same wallet connected to the user's account at The Sandbox.

  • Users registered for the Alpha Raffle from November 22 at 13:00 UTC to November 28 at 13:00 UTC on The Sandbox website.

  • Every LAND owned in the connected wallet provided one more chance to win in the raffle.

  • Once the registration window closed on November 29 at 10:00 UTC, the text below your avatar changed to "Raffle Draw in Progress".

    • After the random raffle draw, the selected winners were greeted with a pop-up congratulating them on being one of the lucky thousand! On the same pop-up, there was a button to β€œClaim the Pass”.

    • A user's wallet opened a pop up asking them to confirm the claim and pay the gas fee, which is beyond The Sandbox's control.

  • The winners received their Alpha Pass on November 29, the day The Sandbox Alpha Season began.

2) Daily Social Contests

Once the Alpha opened, anyone with a Sandbox account was able to participate in daily social contests to win an Alpha Pass. More than 750 Alpha Passes were be given away every week for three weeks. The community was encouraged to sign-up to our newsletter and check our daily social media posts to participate (Twitter, Discord).

3) Purchase an Alpha Pass on OpenSea

Some Alpha Pass owners sold their passes on OpenSea. The Sandbox advised users to check the Alpha Pass’ availability on OpenSea between November 29th and December 19th to be eligible for use during Alpha Season 1. We advised not to purchase an Alpha Pass on or after December 20th, as the Alpha Season would be closed and would not make you eligible to claim Alpha Rewards.

Important notice for those based in Japan: πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Players in Japan were ineligible to claim rewards from owning an Alpha Pass due to local Play-and-Earn regulations β€” but could still join the fun in the Alpha Hub for free.

What rewards were earned in Alpha Season 1?

Players completed a series of objectives to be eligible for rewards, including:

  • 1,000 SAND for completing all objectives of the Alpha.

  • 3 exclusive The Sandbox Alpha NFTs which were only be available during the Alpha, shown in the gallery below.


Players visited the Map of The Sandbox's official website to play. Most of the map was covered by fog on day one of the event, which was removed as Experiences were unlocked over time.

Clicking an available Experience on the map revealed information about that experience, such as its name, description, thumbnail image and a list showcasing the rarest Asset that were in that experience.

Players traveled to adjacent experiences by heading to the edge of the experience they were currently in, meaning they didn't need to go back to the dashboard to explore other Experiences on the map.

Plans After Season 1

Sandbox Alpha Seasons serve as the blueprints for the future metaverse, and lead to expansion and true decentralised ownership of it.

More events have come since Alpha Season 1, bringing more of The Sandbox's ecosystem and metaverse to life. This included progression achievements, daily quests, leaderboards, levels and experience points.

At this point, we planned for a future offering multiplayer experiences, cyclical game economy, consistent Play-and-Earn rewards, character progression, and more. In each Season event, we expand on lore and introduce new features, and the community provides feedback to improve The Sandbox's growth as a creative social platform.

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