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Security Topics

This section and its subpages offers advice on staying safe within the blockchain and protecting your assets.

Security Introduction

The internet provides us with endless means of education, entertainment, convenience, and more, but like everything else in life, it has its fair share of shady individuals and criminal activities. The blockchain is no different.
The Sandbox takes the security, privacy, and safety of its users very seriously. It is known, at the time of writing, to be the blockchain project which offers the most education in regard to security and safety on the blockchain through our knowledgebase, community informational channels, funded experiences in the metaverse, partnerships, and so on.
Unless otherwise stated, none of the third-party links shared within our Security Topics are officially endorsed by The Sandbox, nor is there any collaboration with the third-party in return for their links being shown. They are shared here purely for educational purposes to help you improve your security awareness.

More Information About Wallets

  • View About Cryptocurrency Wallets on the Create a New Account page to learn how a cryptocurrency wallet must be part of your account setup to own digital property.
  • Visit Web3 & The Sandbox to learn blockchain basics and details relevant to The Sandbox.
  • Visit Wallet: Choose, Connect to learn about supported software wallets and how to connect one to your account at The Sandbox.


Helpful recommendations for setting up a strong password to protect your account
General guidelines to reduce the potential for your wallet to be compromised
Stay safe while using your internet browser and on social media
Safely collaborate with creators or studios offering creative or metaverse services
Education on what the most common scams are and how to identify them.
Additional educational resources and Discord channels for security topics
Third-party tools that may help manage specific security situations and needs
Official web pages, software, social links, documentation, NFT collections, etc.
How to identify official The Sandbox LANDs on OpenSea and report false ones