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CryptoStache, is a prominent face in the blockchain gaming space, an entrepreneur, and content creator and a Sandbox ambassador.

He has created many videos talking about The Sandbox on his YouTube channel.

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Communications Consultant. Collecting: NFTs, sneakers, and cards. Josh is a multifaceted, multitalented ambassador that is passionate about The Sandbox and Bored Apes Yacht Club and is building a bridge between the two.

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Creator of The Funguys Kingdom and Top 3 Game Jam Winner, Tuschay is a game jam expert you can count on to provide you with all the right tools to create your own experiences.

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Allo is a German livestreamer and programmer. Twitter | YouTube

Game Maker CM and Live-streamer, Andy knows his way around the Game Maker. Ask and he shall answer.

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Luca is an Italian live streamer

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Ven is a lead voxel artist from the Creator Fund and a designer in the Sand Rush team.

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Best-selling author, indie game developer and voxel artist, Holly created an art NFT paintings collection that sold out almost immediately. Twitter



Robert is the founder and owner of Play to Earn Online Magazine, the premier resource for play-to-earn gaming and NFT news. In addition his Play to Earn Game Festival has become the biggest gaming event in the metaverse, attracting thousands of gamers from across the globe. Learn, play, earn, that's his motto. Above everything, have fun while doing it!


Mark also known as KryptoQuasar, a handle devised his handle over 25 years ago, (after watching the movie Hackers). He's been a software developer most of his life, and has spent the last decade building apps and games for the iPhone. Most excited to be helping The Sandbox as they pioneer a decentralized gaming platform within the future of gaming. Not to mention, he just got a new PC to hone in his Game Maker skills while traversing the metaverse. See you @TheSandboxGame!


Criptonaut is an astronaut looking to explore new galaxies every day. He is a Graphic Designer and a Motion Graphic Designer. He is also a Crypto enthusiast and lover of Nft and blockchain games from Venezuela that likes Fororo (Drink of his country)

Arvion is a Japanese content creator that has been creating games for the past 20 years. Twitter | YouTube



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