Public LAND Sale Troubleshooting

Let's work through some common issues together.

General Warning!

Remember that The Sandbox will never, ever send you LAND sale information, airdrops, or minting links in any direct messages (DMs) on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc). Anybody sending you LAND Sale links in direct messages are scammers. Do not click or download anything - report and block them.

LAND Sale Raffle Troubleshooting

I am being asked to buy SAND when I try to enter the raffle.
  • You need to have a minimum of 1,011 SAND in your wallet to be able to enter the regular LAND Sale raffle.

  • You need a minimum of 4,683 SAND in your wallet to be able to enter the premium LAND Sale raffle (or to enter both the regular and premium raffles).

  • Your SAND also needs to be on the Polygon network. You can Bridge SAND to Polygon using the Bridging tool available on The Sandbox website.

  • Make sure the SAND is in the correct wallet, namely the one that you connected to your account at The Sandbox. You can see your wallet address in the top-right of your profile.

  • If you use Brave browser, open the browser's settings and make sure the default wallet option is set to "none", then refresh the LAND Sale page. Otherwise, Brave browser is known to sometimes interfere with non-Brave wallets.

  • Make sure any other wallets you have are locked (aka logged out of), so they do not interfere with the wallet that holds your SAND, especially off-chain wallets.

I have enough SAND in my wallet to purchase a LAND, but I am asked to acquire SAND before I can enter the raffle.
  1. Make sure this SAND is in the wallet that is connected to your account at The Sandbox. You can check the address of this wallet on your profile at The Sandbox, in the top-right.

  2. The SAND also needs to be bridged to the Polygon Network if it is not already (or if it wasn't purchased from an exchange on the Polygon Network). Visit Bridge SAND to Polygon.

  3. If you are using the Brave browser, go into the browser's settings and make sure the "Default Wallet" option is set to "None". Otherwise, Brave browser is known to conflict with non-Brave wallets.

Purchasing Troubleshooting

The "Sign" button is greyed out or not clickable in my MetaMask wallet's transaction confirmation window.

This is a known issue with MetaMask wallets where the transaction confirmation window does not scroll properly to the bottom, in order to unlock the "Sign" button.

To resolve this, press the down arrow that has been added by MetaMask to the bottom-right of the confirmation window, then the "Sign" button will become clickable.

Make sure you're fully happy with the transaction before confirming it, however.

My wallet does not pop open to ask me to confirm my transaction.

Your wallet is probably being blocked by an ad-blocker or pop-up blocker, even if it wasn't an issue before. Try disabling any ad-blockers and pop-up blockers, then refresh and try again.

Try disabling any VPNs, then refreshing and trying again.

Open and log into your wallet manually. This might be via an official browser extension or the wallet's official website.

Look at your wallet and ensure you do not have any other pending or stuck transactions that may be interfering with the wallet's transaction approval process.

The SAND balance on The Sandbox website's user interface says zero, but I definitely have SAND in my wallet.

Hard refresh the webpage. There may be a loading delay.

πŸͺŸ On PC: Press CTRL+F5 on the webpage to hard refresh it.

🍎 On Mac: Press Shift+Command+R on the webpage to hard refresh it.

Make sure your wallet is unlocked, so that The Sandbox can see your SAND funds and update the user interface on the website to reflect this. To unlock a wallet, simply log into it.

Make sure you are using the correct wallet on your The Sandbox account. You can do this by comparing the wallet address in your The Sandbox profile to the wallet address within your actual wallet with the SAND tokens in them.

If the wallet is correct, you can force your wallet to update its balance by switching to a test network and then switching back to the Ethereum network.

Check Etherscan and Polygonscan to see if there have been any unauthorised transactions involving your wallet. If there have been, see this page immediately: My Wallet Was Compromised.

My transaction was successful. However, I do not see my LAND in my inventory.

The speed of the transaction depends on the overall congestion on the blockchain, which The Sandbox has no control over. Allow some time for the transaction to process fully.

There is also likely to be very heavy traffic on the website during sales. Therefore, it may also take a few minutes for the LAND to reflect in your inventory on The Sandbox website. However, you should be able to see it in your wallet on Polygonscan and OpenSea in the meantime.

I purchased Premium LAND, but I do not have the ASSETs that come with it yet.

Please be patient. The assets will appear in your wallet at some point after the purchase. It is unlikely to be immediate.

I won the LAND in an auction on OpenSea, but was given an ERC-1155 token rather than the ERC-721 LAND.

Please read the description underneath the thumbnail of the LAND on the LAND's OpenSea page. It tells you how to get in touch to swap this token for the LAND you purchased.

Common Error Messages

"Wallet Locked"

Your funds cannot be accessed to process the transaction because your wallet is locked. In other words, your wallet is logged out.

To resolve this, you will need to log into your wallet. You may then also need to refresh the relevant webpage.

Do not forget to lock your wallet again after the transaction is complete, for security. You should never leave a wallet unlocked while it is not in use.

"Insufficient Funds"

You likely do not have enough SAND in your wallet to purchase the LAND, likely because it was transferred out between the time you entered the raffle and the time you were whitelisted to purchase the LAND.

It is also possible that a different wallet is interfering with the one you are holding SAND in. Make sure all your other wallets are locked. Or try a different browser.

If you are on Brave browser, make sure the "Default Wallet" option in the browser settings is set to "None", otherwise Brave browser is known to conflict with non-Brave WEB3 wallets.

"Transaction Failed"

You will need to look at the token history on to determine exactly why the transaction failed. Go to PolygonScan, paste your wallet address into the search box and press enter, then click the link for the failed transaction under the "Txn Hash" column.

Other Troubleshooting

The webpage loads very slowly for me.

Sorry to hear about that. The map is huge, with a total of 166,464 LANDs on it - some with custom thumbnail images too. Here are some suggestions to help:

  • Close all unnecessary background programs before the sale starts, to allow more of your machine's system resources to be used on the map.

  • Make sure nobody in your household is using the WiFi or internet very heavily, such as downloading large files or streaming media content.

  • Check that your drivers, especially your GPU, is up to date.

  • Check your WiFi speed on third-party resources such as Ookla Speed Test or Which? Broadband Test. Use this data to make sure you are getting what it states you should be getting in your internet contract (note that your ISP has the right to throttle your internet speed if it deems that you are using it "unfairly and excessively", even if your plan is "unlimited". They do not need to notify you that you have been throttled, as it states this information in your contract).

I am getting a "1020" error when trying to access the website.

Error 1020 is an error message from Cloudfare, not The Sandbox. Cloudfare is a security service that protects websites from potential malicious attacks. It can also be triggered by:

  • Constant repetitive actions, such as refreshing webpages over and over.

  • Regularly failing logins multiple times in a row.

  • Using a VPN that is connected to an IP which was recently used in an attack on another Cloudfare-protected website.

  • You are using some form of automation while online.

  • There being a lot of traffic to a website from a specific location or small region.

If you are getting this message in error, the best thing you can do is be patient and wait for the situation to resolve itself. Continuing to refresh the page over and over will likely cause the error to remain in effect for you even longer.

If there is still an issue after 24 hours, the best option is to get in touch with Cloudfare for further assistance or advice, as their service is a third-party.

I am having difficulty accessing my account or have forgotten my account credentials.

See I Forgot... on the Manage Account page for help with the credentials you need.

I have passed KYC, however The Sandbox is still showing me as pending on my profile.

Open a KYC support ticket in The Sandbox community. Discord is likely to be the quickest.

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