⬇️Game Client: Download & Begin

Installing the Game Client

Begin by finding what you want to play. When you press the Play button from the Events page, the Map, or an Experience page, a popup window will appear for permission to load your software.

In case you don't have the software installed yet, you'll see the following prompt with download options. Choose your operating system, and the latest version will download.

Follow the instructions in your browser to install:

  1. Click to run The Sandbox installer.

  2. Install the software. For Windows, right-click the file and choose Run as administrator.

  3. Click on Finish to end the installation process.

  4. After installation, click Play in your browser window. You can also click the Play button on active Experiences on the Map or Events page to trigger the launcher to open your software.

Updating the Game Client

If your version of the Game Client is out of date, the software will automatically prompt you to download an updated version when it opens. Follow install instructions above and you'll be back in the game in minutes with the latest version.

Login to the Game Client


If you haven't created an account yet, start here. It includes information about choosing and connecting a digital wallet

πŸ•ΉοΈPlayer Guide
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  • Gameplay & Controls

  • Inventory, Equipment & Stats

πŸ—“οΈSeasons and Events

General information based on past seasons and events

Check your eligibility for rewards and follow steps to claim them to your digital wallet

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