Gameplay & Controls

Gameplay controls and creative possibilities in The Sandbox have grown to provide new ways to explore, interact, and compete.

More Tools and More Fun!

The Sandbox is constantly developing new features with feedback from the community and giving creators more tools to build, launch, and monetise their creations.

Recent updates have made significant advancements in gameplay, including more player controls, improved multiplayer gameplay, and expansions to enhance weather, lighting, and visual effects. To support our community's desire to learn to make higher quality user generated content, the new Creator Portal offers a variety of resources with valuable tips from experts at The Sandbox.

Player Controls

Ready to play? In the Game Client, press Escape to open the main menu and open the controls list. In Game Maker, click on the gear button for the controls list. Play controls in the Game Client and Game Maker are identical. Below is a grouping of controls by type:


  • Turn

  • Zoom in/out (can be locked by the Experience creator)


  • Attack / Lunge Attack

  • Block / Parry

  • Sheathe Weapon


  • Emotes (dances, etc)

  • View list of NFTs used in the Experience


  • Sit, Crouch, Crawl

  • Walk, Run, Slide

  • Roll / Dodge

  • Jump

  • Swim (can be disabled)

Logic Specific

  • Climb

  • Slide

  • Interact - pull levers, pick up objects, etc (Information below)

Access Inventory

  • Collected items (local)

  • Player owned NFTs (equipment in wallet)

  • Change equipment used in 6 slots


Currently, single player Experiences allow for more player actions than multiplayer Experiences. For example, P2P (player to player) combat is not yet a feature in multiplayer.


Interacting with objects can lead to so many outcomes in The Sandbox. You can open a door, play a video, start a quest, blast dynamite, view information about an NFT, and so much more!

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