❓FAQs: Gameplay

How do players enter the metaverse?

Players will enter the metaverse via portals on social hubs, such as ESTATEs that are owned by The Sandbox or major partners (such as Atari, Smurfs, Care Bears and so on).

What types of games are available in The Sandbox?

The Game Maker is currently ideal for making role-playing games (RPGs), open world and adventure games. But other game types are, of course, possible. The Game Maker software is also regularly being updated with new features, providing more and more gaming opportunities.

Can I adjust the speed of the players or the jump height in games that I make?

This is something we plan to add. It will allow a wider variety of games, such as underwater games and low-gravity space games.

Is there any moderation in games?

Game owners and their trusted friends will have very basic moderation tools to use within their experience. More serious allegations will be reviewed by The Sandbox's team when the offending players are reported.

Can fire spread from one object to another?

At the time of writing this, no. However, these kinds of physics are something we are interested in implementing in the future. As well as water which can flood an area, for example.

What engine does the Game Maker and games run on?

The software is built using Unity.

Can two or more people build a game together?

Yes, you can collaborate with another game designer and/or an ASSET designer.


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