Rough Base Map

Spend more time planning your layout so you will spend much less time revising it later.

Solidify Your Ideas

Design Considerations

  • List all areas where gameplay will occur and estimate the space needed (small, medium, larger). This may include: Social meetups, quests, boss fights, parkour zones, quests, view points, hidden zones, limited access content (using NFT Sensor), etc.

  • Plan where the entrance(s) and exit(s) of each play area will be to provide the best flow through each area and the best transitional views.

  • Decide the best way to arrange your play areas to connect to each other, shifting your 2D mindset into a 3D one.

Build a Mini Blockout

USE VOXEDIT Game Maker is an excellent building tool, but you can't easily move blocks if you change your mind, which happens constantly when planning a base map.

⭐ VoxEdit is a fantastic planning tool to build a rough base map. It's easy to select and move voxels and you can build your model to scale with your Experience: 1 voxel = 1 block

Design Considerations

  • Build your model at scale with your Experience size for easy translation into Game Maker

  • Take advantage of vertical space when it makes sense to make your Experience feel grand

  • Zoom in to test the player perspective as you move between play areas and adjust as needed

  • Colour code play areas to communicate design more easily (don't paint it realistically)

  • Use one colour for the intended play path for your Experience's design

  • Use one colour for potential paths to help anticipate and visualize player decision making

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