Asset Curation

Time Estimation

Every artist has a different speed, and asset production time also varies based on the chosen art style.

Early in your Experience planning, create variations of one asset and narrow down to one sample prototype. Pay attention to how long it took to produce to estimate the rest of your asset creation time.

Creating a List of Assets

Once you have a general priority for each type of visual element that should be in your Experience, you'll create a list of every asset you will use. This includes basic assets by The Sandbox, assets you already own, assets you will purchase, and assets you will create.

Use our example list of Commonly Used Visual Elements to help you think of every important asset to include on your list.

Tracking Assets

A spreadsheet is an excellent tool for tracking the assets planned for use in your Experience.

It is recommended to create about 55 custom assets minimum to make an Experience more unique. This may vary for Game Jam entries, larger Experiences, or different Experience types that may prioritize art over logic such as a museum.

Helpful information to track for every asset (this can be filtered into different views):

  • Ownership (TSB basic, NFT purchase, custom made)

  • Status

    • (Need to purchase, purchased)

    • (not started, draft needs review, draft need iteration, done-not minting, ready to mint, minted)

  • Asset URL (Workspace or Marketplace)

  • Minted Name or Drafted Name

  • Reference art URL

  • Image

  • Size

    • small (0-32)

    • medium (33-64)

    • large (65-128)

    • extra large (129-256)

    • giant (257-512)

  • Template name (if applicable)

  • Needs Animation (yes/no)

  • Asset description

  • Artist (name)

  • Storage URL (asset files)

  • Artist notes

  • Team notes

  • Asset Type (block, character, prop, equipment, pass)

  • Catalyst type

  • Attribute Points (equipment only) - even if not minting using CATALYST NFTs

  • Minting - Catalysts to purchase (1 Catalyst per NFT copy to mint)

  • Monetisation (minting, not minting)

  • Listing Price (for minted assets)

  • Planned Use (quest item, player equipment, player resources, decoration, etc)

  • Location (quest area)

When you're ready to publish your Experience, an automatic Asset Review will show if there are any NFTs used in your Experience that are not owned in the wallet connected to your account.

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