Blockout Aesthetics

Blockout Art Strategy

Blocks can be animated (when set as liquid) and have a degree of transparency. This allows for a lot of variation in your Experience in addition to texturing used to make each block in your experience.

Game Maker 0.9 introduced an updated animation for liquid blocks and adds a shine to the surface of blocks with transparency, which varies depending on block colours.


You can create different biomes with attractive variation using a few simple colours per biome.

Underwater Colours

Add meaning to underwater ground and tint or change the look of water by changing solid blocks under the surface.

Begin with basic colour variation and then add textured blocks if desired.

Other Basic Colours & Uses


Lava or Asphalt


Design Tips

  1. Avoid repetitive textures if it’s not man-made. This results in visual confusion, and is too close to a Minecraft look that we want to avoid on our own experiences.

  2. Instead of tiny spaced dots of grass, place grass in packs at the base of existing assets or blocks. Turn off collisions on grass where players will walk.

  3. Avoid repetitive textures if it’s not man-made even in flat colours. Add variation.

Use squares of various sizes on large flat surfaces to add subtle noise that doesn't distract players.

Make edges lighter on the border of land platforms to draw the player's attention, but darker when it's in contact with the ground.

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