Detailing / Dressing

Once Experience logic is mostly in place, level designers will begin placing assets that do not need logic applied and make the world come to life.

These assets are considered the "dressing" of the Experience because they give it more flavor. Not enough flavor will make the Experience bland, but too much flavor may make it overwhelming or not worth playing.

Design Considerations

  • Ensure there are clear pathways for players wide enough to get through without running into the collision boxes of assets

  • Turn off collisions on short objects on the ground such as stones, carpets, etc. so players don't get caught on them unnaturally while walking

  • Turn off collisions on grasses, vines, and other non-interactive items that are small and add a lot aesthetically but may cause frustration when walking around - these can also cause players to get stuck!

  • Test frequently so you can see things from the player perspective, and move assets as needed so the player's line of sight is clear and views are maximised for visual impact

  • Check often to ensure your Experience dressing aligns with your planned visual hierarchy

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