Horror / Backrooms

Horror games revolve around a tense, creepy, and/or horrifying atmosphere. Prepare for jump scares!

Backrooms games are a type of horror game that come from the creepypasta story which consists of an infinite maze of a windowless office painted in yellow in which unseen creatures can be found.



Find a way to get out... if you can survive.


🎨 Immersive art & light

✨ Camera, VFX & sound


πŸ₯ͺ Find simple resources

πŸ›‘οΈ Evade enemies hunting


πŸ” Find clues to unfold a mysterious narrative

🧩 Solve puzzles to escape

Keys of Success

  • Everyone Can Play - Explore the space, solve puzzles

  • Immersive - Revolves around generating fear and tension

  • Play for Long - Endless replay value through random mazes, monster AI, cooperative play, etc.

Game Loops

Below is a general game loop diagram for this genre. Your game's loops may vary.

Variations of Horror

Survival Horror: Emphasis on survival, limited resources, and atmospheric tension.

Psychological Horror: Focuses on psychological fear and mind-bending scenarios (e.g, Backrooms)

Action Horror: Blends horror elements with fast-paced action and combat.


Games may have more complex core loops or added secondary loops to offer players more interesting decisions to make. The following examples may be broken down differently into smaller steps:

  • Resource Scarcity - Manage limited resources such as ammunition or health items

  • Narrative Unraveling - Discover the narrative through found documents or audio logs

Useful Logic

Template & Tutorial Videos

The Backrooms Template - Backrooms Game Jam

How to Make Walls Appear & Disappear

Light Up Areas with a Torch

Roaming Entity Mechanic

Slowly Die in Toxic Cloud

Pick Up and Read Documents

Combination Lock

Custom Death Scene

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