Parkour & Platformers

Platformers are action games with challenges requiring skillful use of controls and quick decision making. They appeal to competitive players as multiplayer or singleplayer games.



Race to the finish.


βš™οΈ Moving platforms ⚠️ Hazards & obstacles

βž• Increasing difficulty


⏱️ Timers πŸƒ Competition ⚑ Speed & agility to win


↔️ Side scroller or 3D

πŸ’  Full game or add-on

πŸ“ˆ Varied difficulty levels

Keys of Success

  • Everyone Can Play - Run, jump, slide, climb, etc

  • Flexible Play Modes - Multiplayer or singleplayer, use of space, full game or add-on to a game

  • Play for Long - Endless replay value through PowerUps, spawned hazards, and multiple levels

Game Loops

Below is a general game loop diagram for this genre. Your game's loops may vary.


Games may have more complex core loops or added secondary loops to offer players more interesting decisions to make. The following examples may be broken down differently into smaller steps:

  • Multiplayer Mayhem - Allow players who fall off course to access controls to modify the course (toggle platforms, traps, etc)

  • NFT Perks - Use NFT Sensor to teleport NFT owners to bonus tracks or shortcuts with PowerUps

Useful Logic

Tutorial Videos

Creating a Parkour Race Quest

Creating a Side Scroller

Some Platformers are 2D with a locked camera. The same kind of camera adjustments can be modified to create a top-down Experience, too.

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