Cooking Simulator

Cooking simulators are a sub-genre of resource management games.

No matter the type of cooking game, the objective is always to assemble recipes ordered by customers within a time limit to simulate a restaurant and please customers.

Simplified versions may not include physically moving objects around the kitchen. Instead they may have a more detailed stationary user interface to manage the food preparation.

More complex cooking simulators may include secondary logic to purchase upgrades to the kitchen, clean messes, serve customers, decorate to unlock bonuses and level up the restaurant quality, etc.


Prepare in Time!




Keys of Success

  • Everyone Can Play - Simple actions to carry raw food items, prep in designated areas, and carry prepped versions to a plate (which may need to be carried to a counter for servers to pick up)

  • Play for Long - Short term goals to satisfy customers with increasingly complex menu options

  • Play with Friends - Multiplayer or singleplayer

Game Loops

Below is a general game loop diagram for this genre. Your game's loops may vary.


Games may have more complex core loops or added secondary loops to offer players more interesting decisions to make. The following examples may be broken down differently into smaller steps:

  • Achievements - A mix of sensible and silly achievements to earn can be highly rewarding and entertaining. Make it fun with entertaining titles.

    • Examples:

      "Half Cent - Served 50 customers" "Fired Up! - Burned 10 hamburgers"

  • Quality - Track the amount of recipes successfully made in a round of gameplay to "grade" the player's restaurant management skills. Stars are a commonly used metric.

Useful Logic

Template & Tutorial Videos

Cooking Simulator Template - Yes Chef Game Jam

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