Simulation games can vary significantly, and often require Resource Management logic.

Variations of Simulation

Life Simulation: Mimics real-life activities, often focusing on relationships and daily tasks.

City Building: Players construct and manage cities or civilizations.

Business Simulation: Simulates running a business, managing resources, and strategic decisions.

Variations of Social Hub / Simulation

Life Simulation: Emulates social interactions and relationships.

Virtual World: Spaces to socialize, customize avatars (e.g. equipment), and engage in activities.

Dating Simulation: Focuses on building romantic relationships with or between characters.

Variations of Music/Rhythm

Rhythm Action: Players follow on-screen prompts to the beat of music.

Dance: Requires physical movement or coordination with music (e.g., emotes).

Instrument Simulation: Simulates playing musical instruments within a game context.

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