8️⃣Actor Property Switcher

Change the visibility and collisions of one or more Objects during gameplay.


New UI Visibility toggle to turn on/off the affected actors' Indicator UI

  • Switch visibility, collisions, or both

  • Set general or specific targets, including the Object this Behaviour is applied to

PERFORMANCE TIP In multiplayer Experiences, there are two layers of logic that will not communicate with each other: singleplayer [SP] and multiplayer [MP]. For best performance, only apply [MP] behaviours and components to objects that MUST be synchronised to all players (or communicate on that layer), and maximise use of the [SP] (Client Only) layer.

USAGE TIP This behaviour will not communicate with Quests or [SP] behaviours or components. It can be used in singleplayer Experiences.

Common Uses

This new Behaviour is an efficiency improvement that allows Object properties to change during gameplay without needing to destroy Objects and spawn new ones with different properties.



Multiple Messages


Affects Objects by proximity, tags, or by Object identity




Activation Type (dropdown)

  • Fixed - one time switch

  • Toggle - can switch more than once

Filter Mode - which Objects to change

  • Everyone In Range - Any Objects in range will switch

  • Specific Tags In Range - Only Objects with specific Tags will switch

  • Selected Actors - Only a specific Object will switch

Range (slider) - set the distance from an Object where communication with other Objects is possible using a slider or by entering a value. This parameter is visualised with a yellow circle Gizmo that adjusts as you move the slider or change the value. Tags - add Tags to specify which Objects this Behaviour communicates with using the Specific Tags in Range filter.

Properties - What physical properties to change about the Objects affected by the Filter Mode (may include the Object with this Behaviour)

  • Collision (toggle) - Set collisions for the target Object(s) to true or false

  • Visible (toggle) - Set visibility for the target Object(s) to true or false

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