Passive moving NPC.

  • Walks randomly within a defined zone

  • Does not attack or defend

  • Detects hostile enemies and flees

This Behaviour has not yet been migrated for use in multiplayer Experiences.

Common Uses

  • NPCs, or non-player characters, who avoid conflict

  • Randomly moving obstacles with set movement zones (when placed on the surface of Blocks)



Detects Hostiles or other Tags


Moves away



Walking Zone - define the space where the Object will walk around passively. It may step up or down one block at a time. This parameter is visualised with a blue cube Gizmo that adjusts as you enter new X, Y, and Z values.

Walk Speed (slider) - set the walking speed of the Object using a slider or by entering a value. The value defines the amount of blocks travelled per second by the Object.

Can Flee - if set to true, the Object can flee from enemy tags if it is attacked or if it detects an enemy within its enemy detection range.

Flee when Attacked - if set to true the Object will flee if it is attacked.

Flee Speed (slider) - Determines the speed at which the Object will flee. The value defines the amount of blocks the Object will travel per second when fleeing.

Enemy Detection (slider) - defines the range within which the Object will detect "tags to flee". This parameter is visualised with a red circle Gizmo that adjusts as you move the slider or change the value.

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