8️⃣Crowd Event

A behaviour for creating multiplayer collaborative objectives with a points system progressed automatically, by players using specific Emotes, or by players triggering Messages to be sent.

  • Create a goal with a points system to meet it and an optional time limit

  • Create multiple Elements that run in sequence to earn points, with messages or emotes as point sources

  • Reward players with VFX

  • Set the Behavior's target as all players in the Experience or players within range

PERFORMANCE TIP In multiplayer Experiences, there are two layers of logic that will not communicate with each other: singleplayer [SP] and multiplayer [MP]. For best performance, only apply [MP] behaviours and components to objects that MUST be synchronised to all players (or communicate on that layer), and maximise use of the [SP] (Client Only) layer.

USAGE TIP This behaviour will not communicate with Quests or [SP] behaviours or components. It can be used in singleplayer Experiences.

Common Uses

  • Collect items out in the open or hidden items in a treasure hunt

  • Use VFX to highlight the fastest players in a timed race who trigger points first with a one time message (e.g., turning on a platform, opening a door, etc)

  • Create a capture the flag game where players choose sides and pickable items in the opponents' space are detected in your safe zone to trigger progression

  • Engage players to dance in sync in a concert Experience and reward them with VFX at key moments during the performance



One or more Messages per Element One Emote per Element


Increased points and various user interface feedback for players, which may include VFX applied to their Avatars



Display Title - when True, display an Event Title.

Event Title - the text to display as the title. Color - set the colour of the text by clicking on the colour bar and making a selection with the colour picker that will open. NOTE The Color parameter appears after UI Style much lower in the parameters list. Example: The title entered is "Crowd Event."

Event Target - define which players can see, contribute to, and receive rewards.

  • Experience - the Crowd Event will activate for all players in the Experience.

  • Everyone in range

Event Range (slider 1-100) - set the distance from the Crowd Event Object that players must be to contribute to the event's progress.

Message to Start - one or more Messages can trigger the Crowd Event to begin.

Message to Cancel - one or more Messages can trigger the Crowd Event to cancel.

Total Points (Goal) - set the total points needed to complete the Crowd Event.


The time to reach the goal varies based on the number of players participating and the points they trigger.

Auto Progression

  • False - player actions progress the event

  • True - progress will be made every 5 seconds regardless of player actions

Point every 5secs - set points earned every 5 seconds on Auto Progression.

UI Style - choose the appearance of the Event Title graphic and the progress bar.

  • Default - add white cubes around the Event Title and use the default progress bar.

  • Music - add music notes to the Event Title and a sound bar above the progress bar.

Success Message - set a Message to send if the Total Points (Goal) shown on the progress bar is met, meaning the the Crowd Event is 100% completed. Example:

Failed Message - set the Message to send if the Total Points (Goal) shown on the progress bar is not met before the timer on the left runs out.


Reward VFX - set visual effect to apply to players' Avatars when the Total Points (Goal) is met.


Apply VFX to Participants

  • False - apply the chosen VFX to all players experiencing the Crowd Event.

  • True - apply the chosen VFX to only players who contributed to the Total Points (Goal).

Apply VFX in Range

  • False - apply the chosen VFX to selected players outside of the Crowd Event range.

  • True - apply the chosen VFX to selected players in range of the Crowd Event.

NOTE This parameter does not appear if the Crowd Event is applied to the whole Experience in Event Target.

VFX Duration (secs) - set the time in seconds that the chosen VFX will remain on the player's Avatar.

Offset and Rotation - customise the position and rotation of the VFX in relation to player Avatars using X, Y, and Z coordinates. NOTE Offset of X=0, Y=0, and Z=0 will place the VFX at any Avatar's feet. NOTE Avatar heights vary. Offset of X=0, Y=2, and Z=0 will place the VFX just above a medium human Avatar's head.


Instructions - set text that will display under the progress bar to let players know what is required at each event stage.

Source Type (dropdown) -

  • Emote - select from all available Emotes players can perform to earn points.

  • Message - set a Message required to earn points, which may come from various logic sources.

Points - set points earned and added to the progress bar. NOTE Currently, there is no customisation for the appearance of points received. TIP Set Points with the Total Points (Goal) and number of players that may participate in mind so the completion time is reasonable.

ADD EMOTE POINT SOURCE + - add another Element to the Crowd Event Behaviour with its own unique variables to trigger after the previous Element is completed or expired.

Elements can be stacked to create a variety of actions or objectives players perform to complete the Crowd Event.

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