Harvesting Behaviour that appears to collect plants.

This behaviour has not yet been migrated for use in multiplayer Experiences.

  • Walk and gather specific assets within a defined zone - Its β€œgathering rate” can be changed within its parameters - Can flee once it detects an enemy nearby - Peaceful NPC that doesn’t attack any targets

Common Uses

  • "Harvesting" or "collecting" any Object using Gathering Tags (vegetables on a farm, groceries in a store, scrap metal in a wasteland, trash to recycle, etc.)

  • Use cases where Objects need to be randomly removed without a destroy animation

KNOWN ISSUE Farmer behaviour only detects and removes objects placed in a location with an even y axis coordinate (vertical). Workaround: Adjust the position in the Properties Panel or with the Move tool.



Detects Hostiles or other Tags


Moves away

Detects Plants or other Tags

Randomly moves toward and removes objects with its target Tags



Gathering area - defines the space where the Object will walk around and gather objects with a specified tag. It may step up or down one block at a time. This parameter is visualised with a blue cube Gizmo that adjusts as you enter new X, Y, and Z values.

Walk Speed (slider) - set the walking speed of the Object using a slider or by entering a value. The value defines the amount of blocks travelled per second by the Object.

Gathering Speed (slider) - determine the maximum amount of objects that can be gathered per second within the defined space.

Can Flee - if set to true, the Object can flee from enemy tags if it is attacked or if it detects an enemy within its enemy detection range.

Flee when Attacked - if set to true the Object will flee if it is attacked.

Flee Speed (slider) - Determines the speed at which the Object will flee. The value defines the amount of blocks the Object will travel per second when fleeing.

Enemy Detection (slider) - defines the range within which the Object will detect "tags to flee". This parameter is visualised with a red circle Gizmo that adjusts as you move the slider or change the value.

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