Hostile creature that walks until its hungry and attacks friendlies.


  • Walk within a defined zone

  • Attacks specific targets within its range

  • Once it detects a target (ground prey or avatar by default), it runs towards it and its speed is increased

  • Every time it attacks a target, it deals damage to it

  • Once its target is killed, it goes for another one if its hunger hasn’t reached its maximum yet

This behaviour has not yet been migrated for use in multiplayer Experiences.

Common Uses

  • An aggressive Behavior often used for animals that will attack other weaker animals

  • A creature with hunger that will stop it from attacking when full, with a ranged attack



Detects specified Tags (default Tag is Prey)


If any of its Tags to Attack are detected, moves toward and attacks the Avatar or Objects with its target Tags



Chasing Area - Determines the area within which the Object will chase its target. This parameter is visualised with a blue cube Gizmo that adjusts as you enter new X, Y, and Z values.

Tags to Attack - Defines which tags the Object will chase and attack if within its range.

Max Hunger - The maximum hunger value that can be reached by the Object. When the predator is hungry, it will attack Tags to Attack. Food Value - Determines the amount of hunger your Object earns from eating a target. Hunger Decrease Rate - How much hunger your Object loses automatically per second. Eating Duration - The time, in seconds, that it takes for the Object to eat a target.

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