Library & Quick Access Bar

This section of the Interface is where you can choose elements to add to your Experience.

Quick Access Bar

The Quick Access Bar contains 10 slots that serve as shortcuts for elements added to each slot.



Use the new Groups dropdown in the Quick Access Bar to create ten groups of ten shortcuts!

WORKFLOW TIP Use Quick Access Bar groups to create shortcuts for scene types or locations in your Experience. Rename groups to stay organised!

Managing Shortcuts

A coloured outline (grey, blue, purple, orange) around an item in a slot indicates its rarity. This is replaced with a white outline when selected.

Add a Shortcut

Drag and drop an Element from the Library and into the preferred Quick Access slot. This will replace an item currently in the slot.

Use a Shortcut

To use a shortcut, left click the slot or type the correlating number shown in each slot.

Delete a Shortcut

  • Right-click on it and click Remove.

  • Drag and drop an element out of the Quick Access Bar.


The Library is a collapsible menu near the bottom edge of the screen, where you can find elements to build your Experience.

Open/Close the Library

  • Press the L key

  • Click Open/Close Asset Libary on the right side of the Quick Access Bar

Element Types

To see the properties of an Element, click on its card in the Library to open the Properties Panel. Press L to close the Library and view the full details in the panel.

  • Blocks - construction items for large buildings and terrain (dirt, water, etc.) made in VoxEdit

  • Characters - non-playable people or animals

  • Props - static and animated decorative items (buildings, machines, plants, etc.)

  • Equipment - wearable items for avatars created with VoxEdit equipment templates, which can be equipped in one of six slots (head, torso, etc.)

  • Logic Actors - premade elements to efficiently set up frequently used logic

  • Presets - one or more assets with specific properties applied by an Experience builder, which can be used to speed up the creation process for repetitive tasks or can be spawned for more customised live gameplay

  • Bookmarks - assets you have bookmarked (previously marked with a star)

Search Box and Filter

  • All - all asset categories

  • Basics (non-NFT) - assets provided to every account at The Sandbox

  • Drafts (non-NFT) - assets you have created but have not minted

  • Owned (NFT) - assets on the blockchain that you purchased or minted

  • Wishlisted (non-NFT) - an asset added from the Marketplace to test in Game Maker

  • Exclusive - assets created by The Sandbox for internal use only

Element types have different filters.

  • All

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

  • A-Z

  • Z-A

  • Rarity (increasing)

Pagination and Go to Page

Use pagination at the bottom center of the Library to move between pages with the arrows.

Enter a number in the box at the bottom right and click Go to jump to a page.

Add More Elements to Your Library

Only Assets created in VoxEdit can be used in Game Maker.

Items purchased or created and uploaded to your Workspace can be found in your Sandbox dashboard Inventory and will update to appear in your Game Maker Library.

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