A powerful new way to manage assets!

  • Folder creation for better organization.

  • Filters and sorting.

  • New UI and code to be more user friendly, stable, and reliant.

  • Lock object logic to avoid mistakes.

What is the Hierarchy?

Use the Hierarchy to find objects quickly and create parent and child relationships to manage objects as a group during build and play modes. You may also organize objects into folders and lock logic.


Per Object:

πŸ–±οΈ Right Click an Object:

  • Logic Actors are invisible, so the Hide option is not listed

  • Spawn points include an additional option to Set as Active Spawner


Organise Objects


Organize with Folders

Select assets and right click to create a Group. Copy multiple assets and drag and drop into a folder. This makes the folder act like a parent object so you can select it and move the whole group of objects in the viewport at the same time.

Parent Objects Control Child Objects' Properties

Creating a Parent/Child relationship between Objects can help with managing them as a group in Builder Mode and during gameplay.

When you move or rotate the Parent Object in the Viewport, the Child Object will follow.

When you toggle visibilty of the Parent Object in the Viewport, the Child Object will also change.

Create Parent and Child Relationship

Click an Object in the Hierarchy that will be a Child Object and then drag and drop it on top of another Object in the list that will be its Parent.

You will see new icons next to the Objects to show their relationship:

To reverse this, drag and drop the Child Object between two Objects on the main level so it no longer has a parent object. Example:

A Child object may also be a Parent of other Objects. It will still keep the same child icon, and its Child Object will be indented to the right. Example:

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