Gameplay settings control how your Experience appears.

Hover the mouse over a parameter name for a tooltip describing what it does.

Only lighting in the Ambiance tab may be changed during an Experience when an object with Weather Switcher behaviour is triggered.


Start Screen

Make a strong first impression with an overview of your Experience before gameplay begins. Use the toggle to turn on your start Experience screen and customise settings.


Test camera settings to ensure there is no of walls in tight spaces.

Camera Mode

  • Camera Welcoming - A rotating view based on the Camera's Target dropdown selection

  • Image Welcoming - A static image of the last camera position

Camera's Target

  • Avatar - Rotate view around the avatar spawner

  • World Center - Rotate view around the highest surface at the Experience Center

Distance to Camera Enter a distance in blocks between the camera and the chosen Camera's Target.


In many cases, it may be better to reveal quests over time as the narrative.

Asset Rarities Count Display Unique Assets count by Rarity to show the Experience's content diversity and the creator's investment. Values reflect Asset count, not object count.

Display Objectives Display a list of all quests that can be completed in the Experience on the start screen.

Level Info

Rich text formatting can be used for level info, but counts as characters.

Use Experience Publishing tools to enter Experience name and descriptions that will appear on the Map, Experience Page, and Game Client loading screen.

Level Name Customise the Experience name players see with 50 characters of text. The Experience file name is the default text.

Description A short summary or teaser of your Experience with 120 characters or less.

Music Theme

Choose from available music to play during the brief period the welcome screen is active.

Game Rules

Game Rules are a toolset allowing creators to define complex and dynamic logic for innovative gameplay loops in an easy and efficient way.

Learn more about Game Rules.


The Camera tab allows you to select between four default cameras and make specific customisations within each camera type. A different combination of settings appear for each camera mode.

1st Person


Top Down


Set the default global lighting and sound for your Experience.


Override the lighting set in Global Parameters by using a Logic Actor with Weather Switcher Behaviour. Weather Assets are a Logic Actor preset in the Game Maker Library.

There are three ways to use Weather Switcher Behaviour:

  • Active from the start of the Experience

  • Trigger to change instantly with a message

  • Gradually transition from the current weather with a special message

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