9️⃣NFT Sensor

The NFT Sensor Component is a powerful tool to detect one or more NFTs in the player's wallet and send a success or failure message to create a variety of results.


For the first version of this new component, you may use up to one NFT URL and one NFT collection from a dropdown list in an AND/OR requirement.

If the player does not have all of the required NFTs in their wallet, a window can be set to pop up and show which NFT(s) are required to trigger a success message, including a Marketplace link.

Note: The window does not filter out which NFTs the player already owns.

Build Singleplayer & Multiplayer Logic - about [SP] or [MP] behaviours or components

SECRET BENEFITS FOR NFT HOLDERS To give players access to secret areas, hidden quests, and other bonuses for owning a specified NFT, use the Teleport component to move players who trigger the success message with the [MP] NFT Sensor component.

There are two methods to detect NFTs:

  • Specify Sandbox NFTs (using the Asset URL from The Sandbox website)

  • Select NFT collections

Use the condition toggle to require ownership of all NFTs/collections specified or at least one of them.

Send a message to trigger various logic to reward NFT holders.

Common Uses

See Potential Use Cases for Monetisation below for logic that may be used to create limited access gameplay for NFT holders who trigger the success message.

Monetise premium content in your Experience by gating access to it through NFT ownership.

Grant holders of the NFTs you specify special access to:

  • Exclusive areas of an Experience

  • Unlocked quests or narratives

  • Bonus Power Ups

  • Perks via game mechanics created in Game Rules

  • and more


Input: one message

Output: success message or fail message (customisable)

Applying NFT Requirements

For the first version of the NFT Sensor component, you may only have one NFT and one Collection as the success/failure criteria using and/or logic.

Add an NFT Token ID

  1. Click on NFT Token ID in the NFT Sensor Component. A window will open where you must add an Asset URL.

  2. Open an Asset's page on The Sandbox website (from your inventory or by searching the Marketplace) and copy the URL. See the image below for an example.

  3. Return to Game Maker and paste the URL into the Asset URL box. Click Validate and then Continue.

You can add more and set the AND/OR condition as you wish.

πŸ§ β›ˆοΈ Potential Use Cases for Varied Gameplay & Monetisation

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what's possible with the NFT Sensor component. It's merely a starting point. Keep visiting the Creator Portal as we document new methods of leveraging the NFT Sensor for creative gameplay variations and monetisation.

Open a Door for All Players

Trigger a [MP] Door behaviour so the NFT holder can help all players in the Experience get through. Require a different NFT to open each door in a maze for a fun community challenge.

Teleport to VIP Areas & Gameplay

Trigger the new [MP] Teleport component to transport the NFT holder to an exclusive area. There, players can trigger extra quests, Power Ups, gameplay mechanics built from Game Rules, and more!

Teleport Players to Create Teams

Use the Teleport component to split players into different parts of an Experience with a timed challenge using the Game Rules system or Crowd Event behaviour to see which team can finish first! Create a different theme or art style for each team's playable space to appeal to different player interests. Even better, match the theme of the space with the NFT they need to own.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Spawn a Collectable item for a Power Up, resources needed to make progress in your gameplay, or equipment to enhance the player's stats. To ensure that only the NFT holder gets these competitive bonuses, teleport them to a secret location to collect these items and then return them to the fray.

In a parkour challenge, you could teleport NFT holders to shortcuts that lead back to the same course they're racing with other players.

Cause Multiplayer Mayhem

Let NFT holders:

Enjoy Bonus Game Mechanics

Trigger Game Rules that apply only to the NFT holder by using local variables (L) in Rules.

While [SP] and [MP] logic layers can NOT communicate with each other, they can both communicate with the Game Rules system!

As long as a player triggers the message to be sent (even if it's the start of a long chain of logic), the player source will be included in the message so the Game Rules system can modify only that player's local variable. Use this to give NFT holders bonus currency for your game world's shops, extra points, bonus time, and more.

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