9️⃣Power Up

Create more exciting gameplay with stat power ups. These can be used as buffs and debuffs!

Build Singleplayer & Multiplayer Logic - about [SP] or [MP] behaviours or components


Attack Power, Damage Resistance, Speed, Health, and Oxygen are messages with arguments that can be sent from any behavior or component!

Players interact or collide with this object and experience a timed stat increase/decrease (attack power, damage resistance, speed) or a stat loss/recovery (health, oxygen). Can play a sound and send a message.

Common Uses

Timed +/-+ Percentage- Percentage

Attack Power

  • Use during a fight with a stronger enemy or a horde of enemies

  • Narrative: power up to dramatically destroy a significant object

  • Narrative: being granted temporary strength from a powerful being

  • Narrative: temporary harm from potion/food item

  • When killed, enemies could drop attack power debuffs to balance gameplay/add challenge

Damage Resistance

  • Use during a fight with a stronger enemy or a horde of enemies

  • Narrative: being granted temporary protection from a powerful being

  • Narrative: for a difficult game that ramps up difficulty as a consequence of player death, apply negative damage resistance to an invisible object at the respawn location (force collision at respawn)


  • Parkour/race speed boosts

  • Make timed quests more exciting

  • Narrative: slow speed for time to take in a new space

  • Slight physical feedback upon entering fog, etc.

Stat +/- to Full+ Amount- Amount


  • Health packs to explore and find

  • Items with health properties (medicine, potions, etc)

  • Damaging items: hazards (e.g., spikes), cursed weapons/objects, mystery potions, radiation, fire, falling rocks/objects, explosives, electric shock, etc)

  • Receiving damage from an NPC without combat logic (use animated decoration behaviour to simulate attacks)

  • Extend gameplay in underwater areas, encourage more exploration to find other items

  • Bring oxygen level down fast to increase urgency

Set specific blocks to damage players in Player settings


Inputs: Interact or collision

Outputs: Play sound, send a message


You can also send any Power Up message from any behaviour or component to trigger the same buff/debuff that occurs from using the Power Up component.

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