Allows to display a text Balloon above the Object when bring interacted with.

Apply the Speaker component to display messages and/or send messages.Use Speaker to start quests, give hints to the player or trigger something to happen elsewhere.

PERFORMANCE TIP In multiplayer Experiences, there are two layers of logic that will not communicate with each other: singleplayer [SP] and multiplayer [MP]. For best performance, only apply [MP] behaviours and components to objects that MUST be synchronised to all players (or communicate on that layer), and maximise use of the [SP] (Client Only) layer.

USAGE TIP The [MP] version of this component will not communicate with Quests or [SP] behaviours or components. It can be used in singleplayer Experiences.

Common Uses

  • Display text above the asset.

  • Have dialogue between NPCs to tell a story.

  • Detect the Avatar to send a message or display text.

  • Used as a logic tool to trigger messages at certain intervals.

  • Cause the asset to turn and face the Player.


Inputs: Detect entity or Wait for message.

Outputs: Send message in a range or to All.



Text To Display - The text to display in the dialogue bubble.

Display Duration - How long before the text bubble is hidden.

Always On Top - Should the bubble always appear above everything.

Look At Target - Should the asset rotate to face the target.

Rotation Duration - The time is takes to face the detected actor.

Speak Condition - Defines how the speech is triggered.

Detection Type - Defines the actor detection method. Everyone In Range - Everyone Avatar In Range - Player Avatar In Range - Specific Tag In Range - Selected Actor In Range -

Detection Shape - Defines the shape for the detection. Sphere - Box -

Detection Range - the range at which to detect actors.

Message To Send - defines the message to send when asset is triggered.

Broadcast Type - defines the broadcast method. All - This option sets your Message Broadcaster to send messages to all objects. Broadcast Type (everyone in range) - This option sets your Message Broadcaster to send messages to all objects in range. Specific Tags In Range - This option sets your Message Broadcaster to send messages to all objects in range with the specified tag(s). Selected Actors - This option lets you select a specific Object to send your messages to.

Broadcast Duration Type - Defines the type of duration. Once - One time Duration - Set amount of time in seconds and delay between broadcasts Forever - Broadcast forever with a delay between broadcasts

Only Once - Defines if the message is only ever sent out once.

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