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This documentation is being updated to remove replaced rules and detail new ones.

  • More advanced Math rule replaces Add/Subtract Number, Multiply Number, and Add/Subtract Time rules

  • New rules expand creative possiblities: Key Input, Mouse Input, OnPlayerEntry, OnPlayerExit, Send Message, Set Player Name, If/Else, Compare if True/False

  • HUD

  • enhanced with icons, slot sizes, dynamic show/hide, improved Banner and Popup

Any Message that is sent to the Game Rules system needs to be broadcast to All receivers or explicitly to Rules.

Reduce a numerical variable with a negative value.


Math rules have been reworked in Game Maker 0.10 to offer greater flexibility and more advanced calculations.

Math Rules allow you to change a variable:

  • Math (new with Game Maker 0.10)

  • Add/Subtract number continuously

  • Add/Subtract number (removed with Game Maker 0.10)

  • Multiply number (removed with Game Maker 0.10)

Use Cases:

  • Currency systems

  • Health systems

  • Damage systems

  • Upgrade systems

  • Leveling up and scaling


The Add/Subtract Time rule has been removed in Game Maker 0.10 since time and number variables now work similarly.

Time Rules allow you to create timers and stopwatches that can be affected by player actions:

  • Start Timer

  • Stopwatch

  • Pause Time

  • Set Time Value

  • Add/Subtract Time (removed with Game Maker 0.10)

Use Cases:

  • Racing games

  • Poison system

  • Damage over time systems

  • Crafting timers

  • Areas upgrading and degrading over time for management or resource gathering

  • Preparation time at cooking stations

  • Lock outs

  • Puzzles


The Comparison Time rule has been removed in Game Maker 0.10 since time and number variables now work similarly.

Comparison Rules allow you to check a variable against a static value or range of values:

  • Compare Numbers

  • Compare True/False

  • If/Else (new with Game Maker 0.10)

  • Check if Number is in Range

  • Send Message (new with Game Maker 0.10)

  • Compare time (removed with Game Maker 0.10 - use Compare Numbers)

Use Cases:

  • Buying items

  • Checking if a player has completed a task

  • Verifying if a player possesses the correct item

  • Determining if a player has specific items equipped

  • Triggering events based on value ranges

  • Initiating random events based on values

  • Unlocking quests

  • Verifying puzzle completion by the player

  • Checking if the player has entered the correct sequence

Replace Variable Values

New Set Player Name rule in Game Maker 0.10.

Set variable values allow you to generate a random number or set variables (except for time):

  • Set Number Value

  • Set True/False Value

  • Set Text Value

  • Set Player Name (new with Game Maker 0.10)

  • Roll a Random Number

Use Cases:

  • Loot systems

  • Turn-based battle systems

  • Memory-based puzzle games

  • Upgrading outcomes with a random chance to obtain rare items

  • Spawning rare monsters, equipment, bosses, quests, events

  • Providing different outcomes for the same quest

  • Lockouts

  • Puzzles

Game Screen

Game Screen rules have been reworked in Game Maker 0.10 to introduce new HUD slot formatting, a new top slot, and a new Show/Hide HUD rule.

Game Screen rules allow you to control what appears on the player's screen:

  • HUD (new with Game Maker 0.10)

  • Show/Hide HUD (new with Game Maker 0.10)

  • Banner

  • Popup Window

  • Display Variable on HUD (removed with Game Maker 0.10 - see HUD)

Use Cases:

  • Showing items or money obtained for use as a game mechanic

  • Displaying health/life count

  • Displaying timers, stopwatches, laps, etc

  • Displaying player status, progression, achievements, etc.

  • Displaying warnings/clues

  • Displaying important information for the player such as location, event announcements, etc.

🆕 Triggers

New rule type introduced with Game Maker 0.10.

Triggers allow you to send a message with specified inputs:

  • Key Input (0-9)

  • Mouse Input (left, center, and right mouse buttons)

🆕 Events

New rule type introduced with Game Maker 0.10.

Events allow you to send a message when a game event related to players occurs:

  • OnPlayerJoin

  • OnPlayerExit

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