⚠️ Test Your Game!

Plan at least 1-2 days to test your game thoroughly to fix any potential issues before sharing to the Gallery or Publishing to LAND. If your Experience includes a lot of custom mechanics that combine logic or branching gameplay, it may be a good idea to plan for 1-2 more days to test it thoroughly and have time to make any improvements needed.

Testing your game is essential to its success, but no matter how much you test, issues can sometimes occur against expectations. It is your job to protect the player to the best of your ability in case this happens. If the player gets stuck, their only way to escape may be to use the /respawn command. This will spawn them on the Avatar Portal.

To avoid frustrating players, build a checkpoint system into key areas of your Experience to teleport players past challenges they've already overcome so they won't need to be repeated.

Common Issues to Look For



Players can't escape some areas they've fallen into by jumping or squeezing between blocks and assets.

Usual Causes:

  • An avatar's jump is 1.5 blocks high.

  • An Asset's invisible collider(s) can block movement through areas that appear to be open.


  • Check for areas 2 blocks or more deep. Add blocks to be used as steps or fill holes.

  • Asset colliders are not visible in Game Maker. Test in Play mode to verify collisions allow the free movement players will need.

IMPORTANT: In addition to testing your game in Editor mode in the Game Maker, it is strongly recommended to share your Experience to the Gallery and test it there. In some cases, Experiences in the Gallery or Game Client behave differently than your results from testing in the Editor. Testing thoroughly in the Gallery will give you enough time to deal with unexpected surprises.

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