Text Formatting

Almost every text field in The Sandbox Game can include formatting. When in doubt, test it out!

Modifying the text format can add character, make it more readable, or emphasise hints or instructions for players.

These formatting tags count against the character limits different text fields have.

Display the Player's Username in Text

Type <PLAYER> (case sensitive) to include the player's username in a string of text. This can make an Experience more personal and immersive.


Welcome, <PLAYER>! Let's get started!

Welcome, Pandapops! Let's get started!

Special Characters

Special characters will not display properly in The Sandbox Game in most cases.

Rich Text Formatting

You can apply Rich Text Formatting to most text fields in The Sandbox Game by enclosing text between opening and closing tags.

Opening & Closing TagDescriptionExample

<b> </b>


This is <b>bold</b> text.

<i> </i>


This is <i>italicised</i> text.

<size> </size>

Sets the size in pixels

This is <size=50>larger</size> text.

<color> </color>

Sets the colour of the text using colour names (see below) or Hex Codes #rrggbbaa where: r is red g is green b is blue a is alpha (transparency) Note that the tag is spelled "color"

This is <color=#FF0000FF>red</color> text.

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