🎬Game Production Guide

Use our templates and resources to make your project faster, easier, and better.

Who is This Guide For?

Efficient game production is done in phases with sprints. In this guide, we've broken down each sprint into missions to complete them one step at a time.


Mission notes help you decide when to try something new or pick an easier alternative.

What is a Game Design Document (GDD)?

A Game Design Document is standard in the game industry to plan projects and communicate. It may also be used to pitch for funding or partnerships. You may use other documents to track small details.

Get Organised with Templates

An updated Game Design Document template is coming soon!

Click to download:


Production phases are organised below. Select a sprint (colour coded) to view missions and helpful resources to complete them. Sprints are overlapped, not linear.

Ready to Publish?

It's time to kickoff your Marketing strategy and release your Experience in the wild!

Be sure to continuously push meaningful Player Engagement and iterate both your strategy and Experience as needed while the Experience is live.

You'll also want to engage with follow up to learn helpful insights from your community and prepare for your next project!

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