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Make a Backup

Before you begin making final changes and adding polish, duplicate your Experience and add the word "Beta" to the end of the name. This provides a copy of your Experience before you will begin adding polish and modifying logic to fix bugs, which can lead to issues later and may need to be referenced to revert to the original logic used in some cases.



Troubleshooting Singleplayer Performance

If the whole Experience is not performing smoothly, reduce the number of assets and/or remove assets with high face or node count. Optimising assets may make it possible to replace rather than remove assets.

If there are only certain areas of the Experience that consistently perform poorly, consider the logic being used in those moments and the assets in those areas. Perform some tests to see if you can reduce or remove the problem.

Troubleshooting Multiplayer Performance

The same troubleshooting for Singleplayer applies to Multiplayer, but there's also an important extra consideration to make: synchronised logic. Most often, performance issues related to multiplayer involve multiplayer bandwidth for networking being too heavy. Learn more about Multiplayer Logic.

Check to see how many behaviours and components you've used that are high or medium bandwidth. Remember, when you apply a behavior or component, the multiplayer versions are grouped by bandwidth use with coloured icons so you have a clearer idea of the impact each one has on gameplay performance. Simplify some of your logic with lower bandwidth options if your Experience is struggling to synchronise objects, avatars, etc.

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